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Fry: 'America overrates British actors'

Stephen Fry has claimed that British actors are overrated in Hollywood because Americans are dazzled by their accents.

The 49-year-old's comments were sparked by British actors such as Dame Helen Mirren, Jeremy Irons, Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt and Hugh Laurie - Fry's former comedy partner - winning prizes during the Hollywood awards season.

Laurie reportedly earns £240,000 an episode for his role on US hospital drama House.

Fry told the Radio Times: "I shouldn't be saying this, high treason really, but I sometimes wonder if Americans aren't fooled by our accent into detecting a brilliance that may not really be there.

"Would they notice if Jeremy Irons or Judi Dench gave a bad performance? Not that those two paragons ever would, but it's worth considering."

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