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'X Factor' James Arthur 'angers his mum over new King Arthur tattoo'

James Arthur has reportedly angered his mother over his latest tattoo.

The X Factor winner's new piece of body art is a drawing of King Arthur on his hand.

James Arthur,showing off his new tattoo of a musician sitting on a throne

© WENN / Steve Searle

The X Factor Tour 2013: James Arthur

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However, his mother Shirley Ashworth is said to have ordered him to get it removed, according to The Sun.

A source close to the star said: "He's got loads of tattoos but his latest has really upset her.

"She thought he was over his tattoo phase and only spotted it after it was beamed on the big screen at a gig."

James Arthur recently revealed that female fans following him around "freak [him] out".

He said: "There were loads of them singing 'Impossible' outside my friend's today and I was like, 'What? It's freezing cold, go home'."

Watch James Arthur chat to Digital Spy below:

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