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Nadine Dorries leaves the jungle - did she get her politics across?

Nadine Dorries yesterday (November 21) became the first of this year's I'm a Celebrity contestants to be voted off the show.

Her presence on the reality TV series was controversial. The Tory MP was suspended by the Conservative Party for not informing the chief whip of her plans and a whopping 72% of you thought that sitting MPs should be banned from the show.

Nadine Dorries

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I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Nadine Dorries


Dorries argued, like George 'Would you like me to be the cat?' Galloway before her, that going on reality TV would bring politics to the masses.

"Rather than MPs talking to other MPs about issues in parliament, I think MPs should be going to where people go," she said.

"There are certain causes that I'm interested in, one of which is [reducing the abortion time limit from 24 weeks to] 20 weeks.

"That is why I'm doing the show. I will be talking about this issue around the campfire. I hope there will be some lively, heated debates."

I'm a celebrity 13/11/12: Bushtucker Trial, Rotten Rhymes - Helen Flanagan and Nadine Dorries

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But after 11 days of being buried with bugs before scoffing them down, has Dorries actually managed to get her politics across? Vote in our poll below to let us know.

Poll: Did Nadine Dorries shed light on political issues during her time in the jungle?
Yes - I learnt more during the show9.07%
No - She failed at what she went in to do90.93%
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