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Robson Green slams Ashleigh & Pudsey: "Are we all on acid?"

Robson Green has criticised the nation for voting for Ashleigh & Pudsey on Britain's Got Talent.

The dancing dog act featuring Ashleigh Butler and her pet Pudsey were crowned winners of the ITV reality show earlier this year.

Robson Green

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Ashleigh and Pudsey
unveil the new PETA advertisement opposite the Houses of Parliment, Westminster, London.'Britain's Got Talent' winners stick up for Lions, Tigers and other Wild Animals -  Who are forced to perform and made to sufferThey recently took the UK airwaves by storm, and now they hope to cast a little gloom towards the cruel circus industry. Britain's Got Talent winners Ashleigh and Pudsey  the crowd-pleasing dance team of 17-year-old Ashleigh Butler and her canine sidekick, Pudsey  appear in a hard-hitting new anti-circus ad. The bleak ad shows a very different side to the usually bubbly duo, as Ashleigh portrays a sombre clown while Pudsey sits next to her dressed as a battered lion. The caption reads, "The Saddest Show on Earth  Get Wild Animals Out of the Circus!"London, England - 21.06.12
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Green said that the country went "crazy" by choosing the pair to win, and that they are not suitable for this year's Royal Variety Performance.

"A f**king dog won it. A dog that twirls around. It put its paws on her arse and moved around, and the f**king country goes crazy," he told The Sun.

"What, are we all on acid? I've had dogs that can do better f**king s**t than that."

However, he added that he still likes Simon Cowell, whom he described as "an amazing human being".

Cowell masterminded Green's success as part of Robson and Jerome in the mid-1990s.

"Artistically, it wasn't the greatest choice I've ever made, but it's given me economic stability beyond my wildest dreams," the actor said.

"And I have used the money to good effect."

Green currently stars in the second series of Mount Pleasant on Sky1.
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