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'Coronation Street's Catherine Tyldesley sets hair on fire with cake

Catherine Tyldesley accidentally set her hair on fire during her birthday party yesterday (September 18).

The Coronation Street actress, who plays Eva Price on the soap, was posing for a photo with a birthday cake made by celebrity chef Andrew Nutter when the incident occurred.

Catherine Tyldesley

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Antony Cotton

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Antony Cotton

The candles on the Disney-themed cake got too close to her hair, and quickly set it alight.

Antony Cotton - the actress's Coronation Street co-star - rushed to put out the flames before they spread any further.

Cotton later posted a photo of Tyldesley with the cake, saying: "Birthday update: @Cath_Tyldesley has just set her hair on fire. Actual fire. I put it out but the #privateroom smells of burning bush..."

Coronation Street actress Catherine Tyldesley with her birthday cake - September 18, 2012

© Instagram / @antonycotton

Tyldesley also thanked her fans for their birthday messages, tweeting: "Can't believe my hair caught fire on my birthday cake! God damn you hairspray!

"Tonight @antonycotton saved my life... Now my hair smells.. Bad..."

Tyldesley recently described herself as "Mr Bean with boobs" due to her general clumsiness.
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