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Neighbours: Lauren surprises Bailey over Kathy - video

By , Soaps Editor
Lauren Turner surprises her teenage son Bailey on Neighbours next week as she responds positively to him staying in touch with his grandmother.

A cautious Lauren decides not to hold a grudge after she learns that Kathy has sent Bailey a super-deluxe telescope as a gift.

While Bailey (Calen Mackenzie) has hid the present in fear of upsetting Lauren, the truth soon comes out when Lauren's secret daughter Paige Novak spills the beans to her.

Hit play below to see Lauren surprise Bailey with her sensible reaction to the situation:

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EastEnders, Emmerdale, Holby - schedule changes up to August 8

By , Soaps Editor
Albert Square sign


EastEnders, Emmerdale and Holby City fans can expect a few more schedule changes and clashes ahead over the next two weeks.

EastEnders and Holby City are moving to BBC Two to make way for the Commonwealth Games, while Emmerdale is continuing to air hour-long editions on Tuesdays to make up for the episodes missed during the World Cup.

For a one-stop guide to when you can see the affected shows, here we present the schedules between now and August 8. Coronation Street and Hollyoaks aren't included here as they aren't affected by the changes and will air as normal.
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Neighbours' Tim Phillipps on future with show: 'A year isn't enough'

By , Soaps Editor
Neighbours newcomer Daniel Robinson has a busy few weeks ahead on UK screens as his secret fling with Amber Turner will soon be exposed.

Daniel and Amber (Jenna Rosenow) have a lot of explaining to do after Josh Willis (Harley Bonner) catches them kissing, leaving him heartbroken over his girlfriend's betrayal.

Digital Spy recently caught up with Tim Phillipps, who plays Daniel, for an insight into the love triangle storyline and his future on Neighbours.

Tim Phillipps as Daniel Robinson in Neighbours

© Fremantle Media

Tim Phillipps as Daniel Robinson

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Neighbours: Sheila confronts Sonya after Naomi slap - video

By , Soaps Editor
Colette Mann as Sheila Canning in Neighbours

© Channel 5

Sheila Canning issues a firm warning to Sonya Rebecchi on Neighbours next week after learning that she has slapped Naomi in an angry row.

Sonya (Eve Morey) loses it with Naomi in a public showdown after Toadie tells her about the schemer's failed attempt to seduce him.

When word gets back to Sheila (Colette Mann) that Sonya has become violent with Naomi, she decides to step in and defend her daughter despite their own recent arguments.

Turning up at the Rebecchi house, Sheila warns Sonya that it must never happen again - shocking Toadie as he didn't know anything about the slap!

Hit play below to see how Toadie and Sonya react as Sheila says her piece:

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Coronation Street: Bailiffs arrive at the Windass house - video

By , Soaps Editor
The Windass family's worst fears are realised in tonight's Coronation Street episode (July 23) as bailiffs turn up on their doorstep.

Owen and Gary are both on their guard in case the unwelcome visitors arrive, but when it does happen, an oblivious Faye (Ellie Leach) inadvertently lets them inside.

It's left to Gary (Mikey North) to take control of the situation as he tries to send the bailiffs away, but they're determined to seize £5,000 worth of property if Owen can't settle his debts. Is there anything Gary and Owen can do to stop them?

Hit play below to see Gary panic as the worrying situation unfolds:

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Coronation Street: New family crisis for Anna - spoiler pictures

By , Soaps Editor
Coronation Street's Anna Windass is confronted with more family worries next week as she discovers that her adopted daughter Faye has been targeted by bullies.

Anna (Debbie Rush) can sense that something is wrong with Faye as she appears far more withdrawn than usual, but she finds it difficult to get to the bottom of the situation.

After spotting Faye (Ellie Leach) snapping at Craig Tinker at the café for no apparent reason, Anna decides that some detective work is in order and snatches her phone.

Faye snaps at Craig


Faye snaps at Craig

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Coronation Street: Tracy gets angry with Maddie - spoiler pictures

By , Soaps Editor
Coronation Street's Maddie Heath finds herself in Tracy Barlow's bad books next week after Amy makes an untrue allegation against her.

Maddie (Amy Kelly) ends up in hot water with ruthless Tracy (Kate Ford) after putting her foot down while babysitting Amy.

As Maddie and her girlfriend Sophie entertain both Simon and Amy with a paddling pool, the atmosphere turns sour as Amy taunts Simon about his father Peter being in prison.

Having bonded with Simon, Maddie jumps to the schoolboy's defence and later loses patience with Amy's bad attitude.

Maddie and Simon get on well as she and Sophie look after him.


Maddie and Simon get on well

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Neighbours: Sonya furious over Toadie and Naomi - video

By , Soaps Editor
Sonya Rebecchi demands answers from her husband Toadie on Neighbours next week after he reveals that Naomi Canning kissed him.

When Sonya (Eve Morey) returns from her trip away feeling refreshed and positive, Toadie is forced to break the news of what Naomi got up to in her absence.

Sonya is livid when she hears of Naomi's antics and can't help but blame Toadie (Ryan Moloney) as she wonders whether he encouraged the advances of his manipulative employee. Are the Rebecchis back on the rocks?

Hit play below for a first look at Sonya confronting Toadie over Naomi's kiss:

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EastEnders' Annette Badland on Aunt Babe's future: 'She is ruthless'

By , Soaps Editor
EastEnders airs big episodes for Babe Smith next week as she is left panicking when her drugs secret comes under threat.

Babe's dodgy dealings with her niece Tina (Luisa Bradshaw-White) are exposed to the rest of the Carters after some of her hash cakes accidentally end up in the hands of Bianca's children.

Annette Badland as Aunt Babe


Annette Badland as Aunt Babe

Needing a plan B once the police get involved, Babe teams up with Dean Wicks to hide her stash of cannabis for the time being. However, when Dean's mum Shirley interferes, Babe turns ruthless by threatening to reveal her biggest secret as revenge…

Here, Annette Badland - who plays Babe - reveals more details of the drama to come and her time with EastEnders so far.

How does Aunt Babe react when she realises that the Carters know what she and Tina have been up to?
"I think she would want to protect her family from what she's doing privately. She's quite a private person, so she wouldn't like the exposure. She would also be very embarrassed because she loves her family and she's very proud to now have contact with them again, so she wouldn't want to lose them. She would want to hold onto them very much."

What do Aunt Babe's family make of it? A while ago, she did approach them with the idea of selling weed to make money.
"She offered them an idea that they might do it and said that she has dealt in weed, but they wouldn't know the scale of it and they've also said no. She involved Tina for good reasons, as Tina wants to have a baby and it's helping her with the money for that - but even so, she shouldn't have involved the rest of the family and I think she probably regrets that she involved Tina."

Did Aunt Babe ever see the business with Tina as a long-term prospect?
"I think she's got a huge soft spot for Tina and will try and help her in any way she can, as Tina desperately wants that baby. Aunt Babe isn't sure of Tosh or their relationship, but she's got a big soft spot for Tina and so tries to help her. She does try and contain it and says, 'Maybe we should just stop for a bit and cool it'."

Aunt Babe brings Tina hash brownies to sell.


Babe recently teamed up with Tina

Is Aunt Babe upset that Tina is in trouble after what happened?
"Yes. She's also annoyed at Tina when it happens because she has warned her, but it's not Tina's fault either and she didn't do it deliberately - the hash cakes were taken from her. But Aunt Babe doesn't want to be found out, and if it gets traced back to her, she's in terrible trouble."

Aunt Babe lies to her family and says she is getting rid of the drugs, but then she teams up with Dean to stash them at the salon! Why?
"Babe sees it as an awful lot of money to lose! It's her livelihood. I think possibly her root into growing the weed wasn't straightforward. I think she is caught in something that she can't afford to let go. That is the crux for her - it's a lot of money and it's her livelihood.

"She will try and hold on to it, because she doesn't really trust Dean either. He's a slippery fish for her, he's not entirely real, he's hot headed and young and that's not really what she needs, but she can't manage alone."

It becomes clear Dean and Aunt Babe are keeping the cannabis.


Dean and Aunt Babe are keeping the cannabis

Dean and Aunt Babe tell Shirley they are partners.


Dean and Aunt Babe tell Shirley they are partners

Shirley finds the stash and then it goes missing! How does Aunt Babe feel when she realises that Shirley is involved in that?
"That's enormous for her. She likes to keep control in a social way. She has the front of being jolly, as she does have a sense of humour and she's bouncy and bubbly - but here I tried to be very angry, just one line of real anger because she'd lost control.

"Babe can't let that out, she has to rein that anger in and use it in some other way. She won't expose herself by being furious, so she suppresses it and torments Shirley with what she may do next.

"It's terribly complex because she does of course love Shirley. She really does love those three children and brought them up and she isn't a mother, but it's the closest thing she's ever had. Loving those three children and wanting to protect them and help bring them up, she's thrilled to be back there. But, you know, like every human being, there's a whole complex scenario going on there."

Babe threatens Shirley by threatening to expose her big secret at a family dinner. Does she really have it in her?
"Sadly yes, I think she is that ruthless. She loves Shirley, but she also needs to protect herself…"

Aunt Babe tells a nervous Shirley that she has an announcement to make at dinner


Aunt Babe tells Shirley she has an announcement

Will Aunt Babe reveal Shirley's secret?


Will Aunt Babe reveal Shirley's secret?

How do you feel about all of these different dimensions to Babe?
"I must say as an actor I found it quite shocking. If you read my character breakdown, she's the aunt you'd want and she's jokey and all - and then all that came out and she's clearly a liar and defensive. She's protective of her family but protective of herself and you don't really know if there'll be other things about her.

"Everyone has a dark side somewhere and there are still things that you don't know about her."

Is there anything you can tease?
"Wait for Christmas!"

How did the role on EastEnders come about?
"I'd worked with [executive producer] Dominic [Treadwell-Collins] on an independent film and he knew my work, so I was asked to come in for a chat and they gave me some scenes to read. It was all go from there. I was terrified initially and am still terrified!"

How does this compare to your previous acting work?
"The speed of it is different. It's a very fast-moving machine and you have to just jump on, not let anyone down and be up to speed with everyone. My analogy is that I took a dive into a swimming pool and my head's come up in a shipping lane of the English Channel and there's a tanker coming and a ferry, and if I doggie-paddle long enough, I might not drown!"

Aunt Babe has a proposal for the rest of the Carters.


Aunt Babe with the Carters

Have you bonded well with the Carter family?
"Oh yes, everyone! Luisa and I dance together! Everyone in the family is generous and kind and fun and I feel they have just been tremendously generous to me.

"In the show the Carters love their Aunt. Even Shirley, we're almost like sisters. I've got a niece who is five years younger than me, and so I understand that dynamic."

Have you had more people coming up to you since you've been on the show?
"Very much so. I'm surprised because at this point, I've only been in for about six episodes. I go to Belfast and the ladies in the hotel say 'Ooh it's Aunt Babe, we'll get you a nice wee room'. Lots of people say 'I know you!' People like the character so far, but they might not after this week. They might not be so keen to come up to me in the street!"

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EastEnders airs Babe's threats towards Shirley on Thursday, July 31 at 7.30pm on BBC Two.
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