EastEnders' 25th Anniversary

EastEnders star Scott Maslen admits that his live episode slip-up earlier this year was "horrible". Maslen: 'Enders 25th slip haunted me' EastEnders writer Simon Ashdown reveals that Peggy Mitchell was planned as the original killer of Archie. 'Enders writer: 'Peggy was Archie killer' EastEnders' live episode was seen by a total of 18.8m viewers, according to consolidated figures. 'EastEnders Live' audience totalled 18.8m Lindsey Coulson admits that she was happy to stay silent in EastEnders' live episode. Coulson: 'I didn't want a live ep line' EastEnders' Nina Wadia says that she thought Ronnie Mitchell "definitely" killed dad Archie. Wadia: 'I thought Ronnie was the killer' Jo Joyner says that EastEnders' live episode was "really special". Jo Joyner praises 'EastEnders' live ep Patsy Palmer says that she wants to take part in another EastEnders live episode. Palmer: 'Enders should go live again' EastEnders' Barbara Windsor says that she "can't believe" the soap pulled off its live episode. Windsor admits 'Enders live ep shock Diederick Santer reveals how Lacey Turner reacted to her Walford character's murderous secret. 'Enders boss reveals Lacey killer reaction EastEnders star Jake Wood says that the show's recent live episode was well-produced. 'Enders actor praises "slick" live ep A quick run down of the slip-ups and blips in EastEnders live - what really happened? 'EastEnders Live' - Slip-ups and Questions Walford boss Diederick Santer says that Stacey's secret won't be "conveniently forgotten about". 'Enders killer twist 'won't be forgotten' EastEnders faces criticism over how police were portrayed in the recent Archie murder plot. Detectives angry over 'EastEnders' plot Patsy Palmer says she will be sad to see EastEnders producer Diederick Santer leave the show. Palmer 'saddened by 'Enders exec's exit' EastEnders bosses affirm that actress Lacey Turner will stay "for the forseeable future". 'Enders bosses: 'Stacey will be staying' Lacey Turner admits that she was "really sad" when she filmed Charlie Clements's EastEnders exit. Turner: 'I will really miss Clements' Lacey Turner admits that she never thought Stacey Branning would be Archie Mitchell's killer. Turner: 'I can't believe Stacey did it' Watch the moment Bradley fell to his death, before Stacey confessed to Max that she killed Archie. In Video: Archie's Killer Revealed Lacey Turner speaks for the first time about being Archie Mitchell's murderer in EastEnders. Lacey Turner (Stacey Branning, 'EastEnders') EastEnders exec Diederick Santer is made up by the "incredible response" to last night's live ep. 'Enders boss delighted by viewing figures EastEnders' live anniversary edition logged 14.9m and peaked at 16.6m yesterday evening. 'EastEnders Live' peaks at 16.6m Larry Lamb thought that Ronnie Mitchell would turn out to be Archie Mitchell's killer. Lamb tipped Ronnie as 'Enders killer EastEnders' exec Diederick Santer says that he "always" planned for Stacey to be Archie's killer. Santer: 'Stacey was always the killer' Alternate versions of EastEnders' live ep climax are revealed to fans for the first time. Alternate 'Enders live ep endings revealed Diederick Santer praises the EastEnders cast and crew for their performance tonight. 'Enders boss "so proud" over live ep EastEnders star Neil McDermott discusses tonight's reveal of who killed Archie Mitchell. 'Enders Ryan: 'I thought I was the killer' Charlie Clements discusses his character's dramatic exit from EastEnders. Clements "emotional" after 'Enders death DS takes an in-pictures look at the moment Archie Mitchell's killer was finally revealed in 'Enders. In Pictures: Archie's Killer Revealed Stacey Branning is named as Archie Mitchell's killer - let us know your thoughts! So Stacey is Archie's killer in 'EastEnders'! Stacey Branning is unveiled as Archie Mitchell's killer in EastEnders' live ep. Stacey Branning revealed as 'Enders killer Digital Spy presents rolling images of tonight's live episode of EastEnders. In Pictures: 'EastEnders Live' DS brings you live updates on 'Who Killed Archie?' in the EastEnders 25th anniversary special. 'EastEnders Live' - Live Martine McCutcheon is named the most profitable ex-EastEnders star for Amazon. McCutcheon tops ex-'Enders sales list EastEnders' weddings episode averaged 10.8m last night, peaking at 11.5m. 'EastEnders' weddings ep peaks at 11.5m EastEnders' live ep director Clive Arnold discusses the difficulty of planning the broadcast. 'Enders director reveals live ep challenges Charlie Brooks confesses that she is feeling nervous over EastEnders' live episode. Brooks "slightly terrified" over live ep 'Enders star Lacey Turner intends to take part in tonight's live ep despite throat problems. Lacey Turner to go ahead with 'Enders Live Rewind eight weeks to the moment EastEnders' menacing Mitchell was sensationally killed with The Queen Vic bust. 'EastEnders' Moments: 'Who Killed Archie?' EastEnders director Clive Arnold says that he expects tonight's live ep to be 'truly live'. 'EastEnders' live ep 'will be truly live' Has Archie Mitchell's killer finally been unmasked? Archie Mitchell's killer finally revealed?