Hollyoaks Later

Digital Spy catches up with Hollyoaks actress Lucy Dixon. 'Hollyoaks' star on Tilly, Esther, more The actor will play a ruthless ex-pat in the new series of after-dark specials. 'Hollyoaks Later' role for Danny Dyer The late-night spinoff show will return to E4 later this year. 'Hollyoaks Later' confirms new series Actress was nervous about filming Hollyoaks Later sex scenes. Jorgie Porter on 'Hollyoaks' sex scenes Emmett Scanlan teases the flashback scenes ahead in Hollyoaks Later. 'Hollyoaks' Brendan past will shock fans We take an in-pictures look at the new series of Hollyoaks Later. 'Hollyoaks Later': Full picture preview We take a look at a big stunt ahead in Hollyoaks Later. 'Hollyoaks Later' explosion shock - pics Will Joel's stepdad die after crossing him, Brendan and Theresa? 'Hollyoaks Later' revenge plot - pics We go behind the scenes at the big Hollyoaks Later stunt. Hollyoaks stunt - behind the scenes Jorgie Porter reveals more details of Hollyoaks Later's new series. 'Hollyoaks' Theresa 'to turn badass' Actress says scenes where she wore just a thong made her blush. Jorgie Porter: 'Hollyoaks Later is raunchy' A sneak peek at the drama ahead for Brendan, Cheryl and more in the spinoff show. 'Hollyoaks Later' 2012 trailer - video Rachel Shenton promises big things for Mitzeee in Hollyoaks Later. 'Hollyoaks' star talks Mitzeee, 'Later' Hollyoaks' late-night spinoff show will return to E4 in the autumn. 'Hollyoaks Later' returns for new series Hollyoaks star Alice Barlow chats to us about leaving the show. 'Hollyoaks' interview: Alice Barlow Cheryl Cole watches Amy Walsh in action on Hollyoaks Later. Cheryl Cole proud of 'Hollyoaks' Amy Walsh Amy Walsh teases her role as Jenifique McQueen in Hollyoaks Later. 'Hollyoaks' new McQueen 'causes trouble' Read bonus bits from our interview with Hollyoaks star Rachel Shenton. 'Hollyoaks': More chat from Mitzeee We chat to Rachel Shenton about Mitzeee's role in Hollyoaks Later. 'Hollyoaks Later': Rachel Shenton interview Jennifer Metcalfe chats to us about Mercedes's role in Hollyoaks Later. 'Hollyoaks Later': Jen Metcalfe interview We chat to Miles Higson about Seth's dark Hollyoaks Later storyline. 'Hollyoaks Later': Miles Higson interview Jorgie Porter teases Silas's role in this year's Hollyoaks Later. 'Hollyoaks' star promises Silas terror Hollyoaks bosses release the official publicity shot for this year's Hollyoaks Later. 'Hollyoaks Later' promotional shot released - First Look Rachel Shenton confirms that her Hollyoaks character Mitzeee will almost drown. 'Hollyoaks' Mitzeee to face danger in stunt scene Hollyoaks actress Hollie-Jay Bowes reprises her role as Michaela for Hollyoaks Later. 'Hollyoaks' return for Michaela McQueen Hollyoaks stars film special scenes in Ibiza for forthcoming episodes. 'Hollyoaks' stars film special Ibiza scenes A fourth series of Hollyoaks Later is commissioned for E4. C4 commissions fourth 'Hollyoaks Later' Professor Green says that he did not watch girlfriend Candy McCulloch in Hollyoaks Later. Professor Green reveals 'Hollyoaks' ban Victoria Atkin promises that Jasmine Costello's Hollyoaks journey has only just begun. Atkin hints at more 'Hollyoaks' drama Jennifer Metcalfe reflects on the recent behaviour of her Hollyoaks character Mercedes Fisher. Jennifer Metcalfe: 'Mercedes was awful' Click in for ten teasers of what to expect in the final episode of Hollyoaks Later. Ten teasers about 'Hollyoaks Later' ep 5 Click in for ten teasers of the action in store in episode four of Hollyoaks Later. Ten teasers about 'Hollyoaks Later' ep 4 Hollyoaks star Jonny Clarke discusses his character's current Jasmine storyline. 'Oaks star hints at Jasmine plot climax Click in for hints of what to expect in the third episode of Hollyoaks Later. Ten teasers about 'Hollyoaks Later' ep 3 Click in for hints of what to expect in the second episode of Hollyoaks Later tonight. Ten teasers about 'Hollyoaks Later' ep 2 Click in for teasers of what's in store in tonight's Hollyoaks Later launch episode. Ten teasers about 'Hollyoaks Later' ep 1 Paul Opacic discusses the Costellos' involvement in this year's Hollyoaks Later. 'Hollyoaks' star teases shock 'Later' plot Rachel Shenton says that fans will soon see a new side to her Hollyoaks character Mitzeee. Shenton teases 'Hollyoaks Later' surprises Rachel Shenton chats to DS about Mitzeee's future, Hollyoaks Later and more! A chat with Mitzeee from 'Hollyoaks' Candy McCulloch discusses her role as Sami on this year's Hollyoaks Later. McCulloch teases 'Hollyoaks Later' role