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Top Story Coronation Street honoured for sustainability at the Observer Ethical Awards The ITV soap was honoured at a London ceremony last night. Coronation Street logo
Megan will vow revenge on her husband Jai after discovering his affair. Emmerdale star teases Megan's big revenge The ITV soap has around 300,000 more viewers than EastEnders on Thursday (July 2). UK TV ratings: Emmerdale tops ratings with 5.4m Jean arrives back in Walford during tonight's episode. EastEnders: Jean returns with news for Stacey Tracy is arrested in tonight's episode. POTD: Corrie's Liz gets revenge on Tracy Emmerdale continues with 5.16m with Jai's latest plot against Rachel. UK TV ratings: Corrie drama brings in 6m Dominic Brunt suffered from extreme shyness prior to landing his role in the soap. Emmerdale star: 'Acting was my flowering' Shirley will refuse to forgive Buster tonight as the effects of Carol's bombshell revelation are felt. POTD: Shirley breaks up with Buster Greg Wood and Tamera Wall will be caught up in the drama. Hollyoaks films explosive car crash Pete will target Porsche's sister Cleo in an upcoming storyline. Hollyoaks star discusses dark sex abuse turn Stuart Blackburn says there will be big trouble for Bethany Platt over the summer. Corrie boss teases more summer plots Meanwhile, Emmerdale's big reveal is seen by 5.18m (33.3%) on ITV at 7pm. UK TV ratings: EastEnders bombshell gets 5.8m The teenagers work together to try and bring Lisa home in tonight's E4 episode. Hollyoaks: Holly and Zack organise a flash mob Alfie Browne-Sykes chats to us about Jason's proposal and future stories. Hollyoaks star: 'Jason stands by Holly' Liz decides to play dirty in tonight's episode. POTD: Corrie's Liz vows revenge on Tony The couple post a string of adorable pictures of their baby girl. Helen Flanagan, Scott Sinclair welcome baby The actress praises effective measures to encourage time keeping. Kym Marsh says Corrie bosses are big on discipline The father of Charity's baby Moses was revealed in tonight's episode. Emmerdale star reacts to baby reveal The family are reunited in Tuesday's E4 episode. Hollyoaks: Lisa questioned by the Lovedays Will Roy's support encourage Cathy to move on? Corrie: Roy Cropper to help Cathy Rakesh's lies will prompt Kirin to admit that he still loves Vanessa. Emmerdale spoilers: Vanessa and Kirin bond Coronation Street is the most-watched soap on Monday (June 29). UK TV ratings: Corrie brings in 6.5m Debbie battles with her mixed feelings next week as Ross makes a big decision. Emmerdale: Ross dumps Carly for Debbie Mercedes will make a big decision on Hollyoaks next week. Hollyoaks: Mercedes to end her pregnancy? Ben meets up with Carly next week, but who is she? Hollyoaks: Ben to help troubled Carly Carol tries to support Max next week. EastEnders: Carol helps Max move forward Nancy realises that her brother needs professional help next week. EastEnders: Nancy grows concerned about Lee Stacey becomes determined to find out more about the mystery key she carries next week. EastEnders: Stacey to search for key answers Damon Rochefort writes about the challenge of penning the difficult episodes. Corrie writer on Deirdre's emotional farewell Bill Roache tells us about a week which sees Weatherfield change forever. Corrie star: 'Deirdre's death shocks Ken' David and Kylie's scheming backfires badly in next week's episodes. Corrie scam to unite Sarah, Callum Brenda will wrongly fear the worst thanks to Bob and Carly's deception. Emmerdale con sparks Brenda health fear Dominic Brunt lifts the lid on a dramatic week for his on-screen character. Emmerdale star: 'Paddy fears he'll die' Is there something wrong with Stacey? EastEnders: Stacey has public meltdown Kate Ford discusses Deirdre's emotional funeral. Corrie star: 'Tracy is devastated over Deirdre' Our latest video roundup revealing what's ahead in the big four soaps. Soaps next week - all the gossip Stacey has a change of heart regarding her love life. POTD: Enders Stacey makes a big decision Patrick quizzes Ben on his intentions in tonight's E4 episode. Hollyoaks: Patrick and Ben have a tense meeting Russell Kiefel has been cast in the controversial role of Mark, Tyler and Aaron's father. Neighbours to introduce Russell Brennan Kat will be forced to come clean with Nate in the wake of Billie's accusations. Home and Away: Kat reveals a dark secret Amber's pregnancy will take its toll on her relationship with Daniel. Neighbours couple split in new trailer