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Top Story EastEnders tops British Soap Awards 2015 shortlist The Walford drama bags 14 nominations in this year's shortlist. Albert Square sign
Robert struggles to save his marriage in tonight's Emmerdale episode. POTD: Emmerdale's Robert in the doghouse Blackwood says he's "glad" of tough times he had and that he's "living proof" things will get better. EastEnders actor on 'dark moments' before landing role We present the latest spoilers and pictures from the UK soaps. Enders trial, Corrie worry, Oaks schemes The Hollyoaks cast were out in full force to celebrate the happy occasion. Kieron Richardson marries long-term partner Hardwick says there's "interesting mileage" in Kirin being revealed as the father. Emmerdale star talks Vanessa's pregancy Coronation Street topped the ratings on Friday. Corrie: Gail's wedding seen by 6.4m Watch a video preview of Friday's Emmerdale episode. Emmerdale preview: Belle's discovery Watch a video preview of Thursday's Emmerdale double bill. Emmerdale preview: Laurel in danger Watch a video preview of Monday's Emmerdale episode. Emmerdale preview: Vanessa's shock Watch a video preview of Wednesday's Coronation Street episode. Corrie preview: Nick gets a tip-off Watch a video preview of Monday's Coronation Street double bill. Corrie preview: Chesney remains jealous Imogen and Tyler get passionate, while Paul's health takes a turn for the worst. Neighbours pics: Passion and health scare Ross Adams chats about what's in store for confident newcomer Scott. Hollyoaks newbie: 'Scott is not vicious' Friday's E4 episode ends with a bombshell about the Butterfields. Hollyoaks: Shock Kim secret revealed Have you been watching closely this year? See if you can answer our questions. Hollyoaks fun: Take our tricky trivia quiz EastEnders was Thursday's top-rated programme. EastEnders: Roxy's confession seen by 5.9m Dominic Treadwell-Collins explains why he decided to bring Kathy back. EastEnders boss: 'Kathy return is convincing' The show will explore how Bobby's guilt affects the rest of his family. EastEnders boss reveals Bobby plot plans A number of guest characters are revealed as judgement day looms for Dot. EastEnders guest role for Casualty star Gail is reluctant to go ahead with marrying Michael in Friday's episodes. POTD: Corrie's Gail in wedding crisis He'll return as Peter Barlow for scenes around Deirdre Barlow's funeral. Chris Gascoyne is returning to Corrie Adam Woodyatt reflects on the show's 30th anniversary success. EastEnders star: 'I didn't have Live nerves' The show's cast are still in the dark over the identity of the hospital killer. Hollyoaks stars clueless over Gloved Hand Kate Oates reveals challenges ahead for two of the village's couples. Emmerdale: Two romances to hit the rocks? The schemer's storyline will be revisited in the coming weeks. Emmerdale to reveal Charity's jail scam Kate Oates hints that Lachlan could show "true remorse" as the story continues. Emmerdale reveals Lachlan plot future Two upcoming twists for the couple will give fans clues about the spin-off show. EastEnders boss: 'Big twists for Kat, Alfie' Coronation Street was the most-watched show on Wednesday. Corrie: David's punishment brings in 6.1m Thirty lucky fans are rewarded for correctly guessing Lucy Beale's killer. EastEnders: Golden ticket winners visit set Dominic Treadwell-Collins discusses the future of the Kathy storyline. EastEnders: New Kathy scene to air soon Shirley has a point to prove in tonight's episode of EastEnders. EastEnders: Find out Shirley's big decision The Branning family's emotional day continues in Thursday's episode. POTD: EastEnders' Dot pays tribute to Jim Porsche needs some extra help to keep Reenie away next month. Hollyoaks: Who is Porsche's shock new ally? Summer Bay star Andrew Morley discusses his future career plans. H&A star staying in Australia after exit Watch a video preview of Thursday's EastEnders episode. EastEnders preview: Carol and Max clash Pauline McLynn didn't want to "go on, go on, go on" about tea on Albert Square. Father Ted star avoided tea on EastEnders Filming for the Australian soap has been on hold for two days. Home and Away ceases filming due to storm Al realises he has some making up to do in Wednesday's episode. Doctors: Trouble for Al as godson visits Sinead O'Connor will be on screen for at least another year. Hollyoaks star signs new contract EastEnders was the top-rated show on Tuesday. EastEnders showdown seen by 6.2m