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Top Story EastEnders includes reference to Scottish referendum result The BBC One soap featured a scene showing characters discuss the 'No' vote success. EastEnders logo
Did you enjoy EastEnders' explosive week? EastEnders fire week: Have your say Emmerdale's double bill also appealed to a peak of 5.4 million viewers. EastEnders fire drama tops Thursday ratings Priya is furious with her brother in tonight's episode. POTD: Emmerdale Priya discovers Jai affair Dan Paris played Libby Kennedy's husband Drew Kirk. Ex-Neighbours star returns for zombie series The same killer has been in place throughout the course of the plot. EastEnders boss denies Lucy plot change Turner says that she is unsure if her BBC One drama Our Girl will return. Lacey Turner: 'Enders return was risky We chat to Sheree Murphy about her guest stint on Neighbours. Sheree Murphy reveals Neighbours role gossip Emmerdale followed with 5.3 million as Aaron discovered his fate in court. Corrie tops Wednesday soap ratings Maria Friedman is cast in the guest role of Elaine Peacock. EastEnders casts Linda Carter's mum Noah is rushed into hospital in tonight's episode. POTD: Emmerdale's Noah in shock collapse Alfie is forced to deal with the consequences of his actions tonight. EastEnders: The Moons are left devastated Viewers saw George leave with Vincent in tonight's E4 first look episode. Hollyoaks actor leaves George role 6.65m viewers see Alfie's frantic bid to save Kat from the fire. EastEnders fire drama airs to over 6m A Summer Bay favourite will be shot dead in an upcoming storyline. H&A star discusses murder plot Ada Nicodemou's son Harrison was delivered stillborn last month. H&A star returns to work after tragedy Ross squares up to Aaron tonight following his sentencing. POTD: Emmerdale Aaron, Ross clash The driver was seen burning the red cap during tonight's first look episode. Hollyoaks reveals identity of Lomax killer Sylvie Carter's arrival will shake up the family. EastEnders boss talks future Carter plots There is a mixed response on the Street to Kevin's return next week. Corrie: Kevin Webster returns Jai makes a decision about his fling with Leyla next week. Emmerdale's Jai ends Leyla affair Shane Richie hints at dark times ahead for Kat and Alfie Moon. EastEnders star on 'heartbreaking' fire The ITV soap brings in over 7.3 million viewers on Monday evening. Corrie tops 7m for Todd's latest scheme Viewers will discover a lot more about Shabnam over the coming months. EastEnder boss teases 'amazing' Shabnam story Soap bad boys are back in the spotlight in our latest round-up of soap gossip. Soaps next week - all the gossip Bosses confirm that newcomer Ryan Hawley will take over the role. Emmerdale return for Robert Sudgen The list of suspects in Lucy's murder will get smaller by the New Year. EastEnders boss shares Lucy killer gossip Sinead pleads with Ste to get some help for his problem. Hollyoaks: Ste drugs relapse worries Sinead Alfie's actions come back to haunt him in tonight's episode. POTD: EastEnders fire horror for Alfie Moon Jailed Finn gets a visit from his family next week. Hollyoaks: Diane and Sinead visit Finn A visit from Holly and Dirk pushes Cindy to breaking point next week. Hollyoaks: Cindy struggles to cope Dean supports Shirley following Ben's return. EastEnders: Dean to comfort Shirley Phil Mitchell has a big decision to make next week. EastEnders Phil gets mixed wedding advice Maddie starts to become a more popular resident on the cobbles next week. Corrie star reveals Maddie Heath changes Liz finds herself blackmailed by Jim in next week's episodes. Corrie: Jim issues shock ultimatum to Liz Duncan Preston chats about the romance story ahead for his character. Emmerdale: Doug Potts to pursue Diane Harry Reid promises that Ben will have a softer side when he reappears. EastEnders newbie teases Ben's return Tensions boil over at Maxine's baby scan next week. Hollyoaks: Patrick angers Dodger at scan Ben Mitchell's return sends shockwaves through the square next week. EastEnders: Ben Mitchell returns Bosses confirm that the autumn stunt will involve a train crash. Hollyoaks lines up train crash disaster The couple are humiliated when their relationship is revealed to the school. H&A: Leah, Zac relationship to be exposed