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The big day arrives

Aired Tuesday, Mar 18 2003 at 19:00 GMT on

Blissfully unaware that her secret is out, Viv is growing concerned that Bob has seemingly gone walkabout just hours before the wedding and can’t understand why. Aware that she was the one who let the cat out of the bag, Jean enjoys toying with Viv and refuses to tell her the real reason for his vanishing act.

Bob, meanwhile, is desperate to get to the bottom of his wife’s infidelity and looks to Diane for answers. He is shattered when she confirms the rumour and grows annoyed that he appears to be the only person who didn’t know.

As Dawn and Terry arrive at the church for their wedding, Bob is still nowhere to be seen. Dawn is troubled by his absence but refuses to let it spoil her big day. With no one to give her away, Dawn will not be deterred from walking down the aisle alone - looking every inch the radiant bride.

Trouble is stirring outside, however, as an outraged Bob finally arrives – determined to not only stop the wedding but also give Viv a piece of his mind. Donna’s desperate pleas to stop Bob ruining the wedding fall on deaf ears and all hell breaks loose as he marches into the church. But the trouble doesn’t stop there as Jean has treated Dawn to a stretch limo – driven by the driver who bedded Viv!

Elsewhere in the village, Jarvis offers a word of friendly advice to Edna about not trusting Mack – but Edna is in no mood to be told who she can and can’t have living under her roof.

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