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Chas struggles with her guilt

Cameron convinces Chas that he needs her. They agree to continue the affair, but Chas insists that Debbie must not find out the truth


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The guilt begins to get too much for Chas as Debbie asks her to take some clothes to the hospital for Sarah. As Debbie goes to speak to the doctor, Chas battles her emotions as Sarah reveals that Cameron has promised to take her to Disney World when she is better. At the same time, Cain asks Cameron why he wasn't with Debbie and Sarah yesterday. Cameron covers by saying that he was on a job, but Cain warns that he is onto him.

Later, Chas is awkward around Cameron, but is distracted when Cain tells her the news about Zak being ill. Chas is shocked to hear that Zak only has a few weeks to live. When Chas gets back to the pub, she lashes out at Cameron, but he convinces her that he needs her. In the end, Chas agrees to carry on their affair but insists that Debbie must not find out.

Meanwhile, Lisa is at the end of her tether and tells Zak that he needs to get a second opinion. Zak is agitated further when Lisa says they will have to tell Belle. Later, Lisa, Sam and Gennie are shocked when Zak says that he might only have a few weeks left to live. Cain is shocked as Gennie tells him the news about Zak.

Elsewhere, Declan gets a call from the private investigator and Katie wonders what is going on, while Alicia is jealous when she thinks Holly is flirting with David. Get the Inside Soap magazine on your iPhone or iPad
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