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Gennie threatens to expose the affair

Gennie tells Chas and Cameron their secret is still safe, but she will tell Debbie unless they end their affair


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Chas visits Cameron at the garage and suggests they should go somewhere to talk. However, Debbie suddenly arrives with Sarah, forcing Chas to cover. Later in the Woolpack, Chas is shaken when Gennie storms in, furious that Chas has told Charity about her being pregnant. Gennie explains that she now doesn't owe Chas anything and hints she will tell Debbie about their affair. Chas is left panicked.

As the day continues, Debbie bumps into a tearful Gennie and persuades her to talk about what is bothering her. Cameron watches from a distance, fearing that Gennie could be about to confess all. In Victoria Cottage, Debbie knows that Gennie is hiding something and tries to get to the bottom of it. In the end, Chas is relieved when Gennie reveals that she hasn't told Debbie about the affair, but they must end it otherwise she will!

Meanwhile, David suggests that Nikhil could be his best man after seeing that he wants to be involved in the wedding, but is secretly alarmed that the lies are getting bigger. The pressure mounts even further when Brenda asks about Alicia's wedding dress and Val offers her services as wedding planner. When Alicia hears about Val's offer, she also fears that things are getting out of control.

Later in The Woolpack, Alicia pleads with Pollard to make things up with David as she cannot stand causing problems between them. However, Pollard is disgusted at Alicia for lying to Jacob about the wedding, suggesting it is bad enough to mess with David's head but Jacob is too young to be dealing with this.

Elsewhere, Ali is surprised to hear that Ruby is helping Sandy free of charge and worries there is more to it than meets the eye, while Val is crushed after Amy rejects her invitation to help organise her 18th birthday. Get the Inside Soap magazine on your iPhone or iPad
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