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Rachel threatens to tell Charity the truth

When Jai wakes up, they are both mortified over what they have done. Jai tries to insist that nothing happened between them


Aired Monday, Jul 2 2012 at 19:00 BST on

At the factory, Rachel unsuccessfully attempts to leave without waking Jai. Both are mortified over what they have done. In denial, Jai warns Rachel that it never happened. Back at home, Charity is angry that Jai didn't come home last night and storms out when he turns up, not wanting to hear his excuses.

Later, Rachel finds that she cannot refuse when Charity asks her to do some cleaning. Rachel is left full of dread when Ali gossips to Charity that Rachel is hungover after pulling some guy. Jai arrives home with flowers for Charity and panics to see Rachel there, whispering that last night was a mistake and she must not tell anyone. Rachel is annoyed that Jai doesn't think she is good enough for him, and threatens that she might tell Charity what they have done…

Meanwhile, Ashley is continuing to secretly sleep at the church. When he calls round to Mulberry Cottage, Laurel gets frustrated as she asks for his solicitor's details. Ashley is forced to cover up the fact that he hasn't yet seen a solicitor. Later, Ashley is about to take a half-eaten sandwich from the pub table when he spots Jude and Edna. Jude then asks for the church keys and Ashley is forced to hand them over, worrying about where he will spend the night.

Elsewhere, after various hints, glum Paddy arrives at his surprise birthday party in The Woolpack. Get the Inside Soap magazine on your iPhone or iPad
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