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'Hollyoaks': Sinead O'Connor faces baby decision - spoiler pictures

Hollyoaks sixth former Sinead O'Connor must make a life-changing decision over her pregnancy next week.

Sinead (Stephanie Davis) starts looking to the future in upcoming episodes as she faces her university interview, still keen to get a place on a veterinary course.

The big day for Sinead gets off to a bad start when her interviewer spots her throwing up, but once the questioning gets under way, her enthusiasm speaks volumes and she is offered a place on the course she wants.

Now determined to fully concentrate on her education, Sinead wonders where her baby would fit in and considers having an abortion.

As a torn Sinead heads to the hospital still pondering her decision, her stepmum Diane (Alex Fletcher) and boyfriend Bart (Jonny Clarke) arrive and beg her to keep the baby.

Bart still has no idea that Sinead's unborn child may not be his, but will he manage to talk her round? Or will Sinead stand firm and decide not to be a young mother?

Sinead arrives at the clinic to have an abortion.

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Bart and Diana try to change Sinead's mind.

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