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3417: Dodger is in turmoil over his paternity

Danny Mac, Dodger Savage, Hollyoaks

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Aired Tuesday, Aug 28 2012 at 18:30 BST on Channel 4

Dirk tries to give Dodger some fatherly advice. But will this lead an angry Dodger to confront Dirk about his real dad?

Meanwhile, as the Kanes open a bottle of champagne to celebrate Lacey's 16th birthday, will Martha be able to stay sober?

Elsewhere, as Jacqui wonders what's going on with Myra, Theresa is tempted by an offer which is guaranteed to bring in the cash - but will Joel like it?

Also today, as Nancy questions Riley's affections, Mercedes takes full advantage of the situation.

Writer: Clara Brennan
Director: Nicky Higgens
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