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'Neighbours' unveils Kyle's new pet dog Bossy

Neighbours chiefs have announced the arrival of a new pet dog for the soap.

Bossy, a 9-week-old Australian kelpie, started filming with the show today (Wednesday) and will appear on screen as a new companion for Kyle Canning.

Christopher Milligan, Bossy, Neighbours

© Channel 5

Ramsay Street's latest recruit apparently had cast and crew "mesmerised with her screen presence" as she made her debut.

Christopher Milligan, who plays the role of Kyle, joked: "Yeah, I certainly feel like I'm playing second fiddle when she is in the scene.

"All eyes are on Bossy, I could be sitting there naked and I don't think anyone would notice."

Christopher Milligan, Bossy, Neighbours

© Channel 5

A Neighbours statement added: "With the passing of Ramsay Street's long-time resident pooch Audrey, the producers were keen to introduce a pup to the show. Milligan's character Kyle Canning, a tradie, fitted the bill perfectly for a four-legged companion."

Neighbours' Australian fans will see Bossy's introduction in late April. The scenes will air in May on Channel 5 in the UK.

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