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5044: Elijah bonds with VJ

Rev Elijah Johnson in Home and Away

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Aired Thursday, Apr 8 2010 at 18:00 BST on Channel 5

Marilyn is having strange dreams, all of which include Rabbit, and are pointing towards something strange happening to Miles. She's nervous around him, not sure what her dreams mean.

Colleen complains to Alf that she is uncomfortable with Marilyn – she thinks there's something strange going on.

Marilyn has another dream in which she sees her dead son, and it freaks her out. When she tells Alf about the dreams, he thinks she's taking them too seriously.

After another dream, she wakes and is compelled to go out into the Caravan Park, where she finds Miles graffiting a van. Marilyn is thrown and has no idea what to do about her discovery.

Leah is on cloud nine after kissing Elijah, much to the annoyance of Colleen, who doesn't think it's Christian to have the Reverend kissing people. Elijah confides in Miles about the kiss, and Miles reminds him he needs to tell Leah the truth before he gets in too deep.

Elijah plans on doing just that. Leah asks VJ if he's looking forward to going out with Elijah, but VJ isn't keen – he thinks Elijah's going to be just another guy like all the others.

Over lunch, VJ isn't receptive, but Elijah manages to get on his good side with a story about his own childhood. Get the Inside Soap magazine on your iPhone or iPad
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