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Simons: 'Roxy won't steal Alfie from Kat'

EastEnders - Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons) and Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) argue over Alfie Moon (Shane Richie)


Rita Simons has said that she does not believe EastEnders' Roxy Mitchell will have an affair with Alfie Moon.

Speaking to Soaplife, the actress insisted that Roxy would not try to steal Kat's husband and take her "close friendship" with Alfie (Shane Richie) any further.

"They get on and, yes, she flirts with him," she said. "In another life she'd go for Alfie but while he's with Kat I don't think Roxy would go there..."

Asked how Roxy felt when Alfie told her that she was the only person who asked how he felt about the death of his son Tommy, Simons added: "It just proved to her what a close friendship they've got. She cares about Alfie and can see that a lot of what he's feeling is hidden behind his sparky exterior. She's a bit like that too."

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