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POTD: 'EastEnders' Vanessa's meltdown continues

EastEnders' heartbroken blonde Vanessa Gold explodes into another rage in tonight's episode of the soap as the reality of her situation sinks in.

As a new day dawns on Albert Square following the dramatic events of the night before, Vanessa (Zöe Lucker) shocks everyone by trying to pretend like nothing has happened. However, she's soon left seething when she learns that Max has gone missing, thinking that he must be with Tanya.

When Vanessa finds out about the secret bedsit, she goes off to investigate and comes face-to-face with Tanya when she arrives there. Tanya then heaps on more heartache by explaining that she's ended the affair and Max mustn't want to be with Vanessa if he has disappeared.

Returning home, Vanessa unleashes the full force of her fury by smashing everything in sight. However, when Jack (Scott Maslen) and Carol (Lindsey Coulson) walk in on her latest meltdown, they waste no time before kicking her out.

Homeless, penniless and without a man in her life, what will Vanessa do next?

Jack and Carol arrive after Jack hears the sound of smashing glass.


EastEnders airs tonight at 8pm on BBC One.

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