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'EastEnders' Whodunnit: The Suspects

Yep, EastEnders are about to do it again - they've set up a fantastic whodunnit involving Max being run over by a speeding car. And when you think about it, it could literally be anyone.

Take a look below at the potential suspects, their possible motives and my fictional odds...

Name: Jack Branning
Relation: Brother
Motive: How long have you got?
Odds: Evens

Name: Bradley Branning
Relation: Son
Motive: Max has ruined his life and marriage through having an affair with Stacey.
Odds: 6/4

Name: Tanya Branning
Relation: Wife
Motive: She didn't go through with burying him alive, so she's out to finish the job off. She wants a happy and trouble-free life.
Odds: 2/1

Name: Ronnie Mitchell
Relation: None
Motive: She's still in love with Jack and hopes to frame Tanya so Jack will stay in the country. The accident would also delay their departure.
Odds: 3/1

Name: Phil Mitchell
Relation: None
Motive: He may have discovered that the gun that he provided Max was traceable and didn't want to become implicated in any potential shooting.
Odds: 5/1

Name: Stacey Branning
Relation: Daughter-in-law
Motive: She wants revenge for his ruining her life along with Bradley's. Oh, and she hates his guts.
Odds: 5/1

Name: Tony King
Relation: None
Motive: Max may have discovered Tony's sick intentions towards Lauren, forcing Tony to try to silence him by running him down.
Odds: 5/1

Name: Roxy Mitchell
Relation: None
Motive: Max may have discovered that Roxy has slept with Jack, prompting her to run him over in the hope of ensuring his silence.
Odds: 7/1

Name: Callum Monks
Relation: None
Motive: He still hasn't forgiven Max for trying to pay him off to stay away from Stacey.
Odds: 10/1

Name: Rainie Cross
Relation: Sister-in-law
Motive: She still blames Max for ruining her relationship once again with her sister, Tanya.
Odds: 10/1

Name: Suzy Branning
Relation: Sister
Motive: She's annoyed with Max for implicating Phil in the gun saga. She wants to prevent Max from potentially murdering their brother Jack.
Odds: 10/1

Name: Sean Slater
Relation: None
Motive: He's still angry at Max for ruining his relationship with Tanya and wants to finish him off properly this time, since he failed to bury him alive earlier in the year.
Odds: 15/1

Name: Darren Miller
Relation: None
Motive: His car is the one involved in the hit and run.
Odds: 20/1

Name: Peter Beale
Relation: None
Motive: He's still angry at Max for forcing him to end his relationship with Lauren.
Odds: 33/1

Name: Lauren Branning
Relation: Daughter
Motive: She's annoyed with Max for ruining her relationship with Peter and is still angry with the way he's treated the family over the past number of months.
Odds: 33/1

Name: Jane Beale
Relation: None
Motive: She doesn't want Tanya to move to France and so runs Max over, hoping that Jack would be framed for attempted murder, resulting in Tanya staying in the country.
Odds: 50/1

Name: Selina Branning
Relation: Sister-in-law
Motive: Who knows?
Odds: 50/1

Name: Abi Branning
Relation: Daughter
Motive: She's upset about the whole family situation and wants to re-unite her mother and father. She may also want attention.
Odds: 150/1

Name: Dot Cotton
Relation: Mother-in-law
Motive: She's fuming with the way Max has treated Jim over the years and can't stand to see him ruin his own family, too. She's also annoyed by the way Max has treated Bradley.
Odds: 150/1

Name: Denise Fox
Relation: None
Motive: Max rejected her during their supposed 'romantic' date which Suzy set up for the pair.
Odds: 200/1

Name: Clare Bates
Relation: None
Motive: Max rebuffed her advances earlier in the year, so she's back for revenge.
Odds: 250/1

Name: Diederick Santer
Relation: Executive Producer
Motive: Because the viewers would never see it coming...
Odds: 1000/1

Before I forget, there's a BBC Three special planned for Halloween night called EastEnders Whodunnits, which will look back at some of the most captivating storylines over the last number of years. Those plots covered include the discovery of Reg Cox's almost-dead body, Vicky Fowler's parentage and the storyline which captured the minds of millions, Who Shot Phil Mitchell?.

The special programme will also feature behind-the-scenes footage from Max's hit-and-run stunt as well as appearances from the Branning family, John Altman (Nick Cotton), Diederick Santer, John Yorke and Simon Ashdown.

So who do you think is will be responsible for trying to kill Max? Let me know your thoughts using the usual form below!

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