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'EastEnders' Lucy pulls a nasty stunt - Spoiler Pictures

EastEnders minx Mandy Salter is left distraught next week as scheming Lucy Beale steps up her attempts to make life difficult for her.

Lucy (Hetti Bywater) has grown jealous of Mandy in recent weeks, and her frustration reaches a new level when she sees her dad Ian (Adam Woodyatt) fussing around the blonde like a puppy dog.

Deciding that she's had enough of her future stepmum, Lucy plays a nasty trick on the day of Mandy's (Nicola Stapleton) final wedding dress fitting at the Beale house.

Putting on an act, Lucy starts screaming about how she's 'seen a mouse', before 'accidentally' pouring a cup of coffee all over the wedding gown - leaving Mandy upset. Will anyone realise that Lucy has done it on purpose?

Mandy's dress fitting doesn't go to plan


Lucy ruins Mandy's dress


EastEnders airs these scenes on Monday, February 6 at 8pm on BBC One.

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