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Roxy and Glenda are caught out by Phil

Glenda tells Roxy that they're going to break into Phil's house to steal the money from his safe.


Aired Thursday, Mar 3 2011 at 19:30 GMT on BBC One

Phil arrives back on the Square following his visit to see Grant, but he's unimpressed about Heather living in his house. At the same time, Glenda starts plotting against Phil, telling Roxy that they should sell his secret stash of champagne from the R&R and pocket the cash. However, when Phil catches them moving the boxes, it's on to plan B. Glenda and Roxy decide to break into Phil's house to steal money from his safe - using a spare set of keys that Glenda has. However, as they start to take the cash, Phil walks in and catches them red-handed. Phil wastes little time before threatening the pair, but Roxy explains that she knows he stole her money. Phil protests his innocence, however, claiming that Glenda is the true thief.

Glenda is desperate and blurts out that she has been sleeping with Phil behind Shirley's back. Will Shirley believe her?
Roxy then searches Glenda's bedroom and discovers that she has a wad of cash hidden in her wardrobe. Glenda says that she doesn't know how the money got there, but Roxy doesn't believe her and heads over to apologise to Phil. Phil soon meets Masood outside The Vic, thanking him as he has helped to set Glenda up. He gives Masood an envelope of cash as a reward for his assistance. Later, in The Vic, Glenda continues to protest her innocence over the money. Getting desperate, she announces in front of everyone that she has been sleeping with Phil behind Shirley's back. What will Shirley say?

Tamwar asks Afia if she still wants to marry him after the madness at the party.
Meanwhile, Afia still wants to reunite her and Tamwar's warring families, so the couple arrange another meeting for them to discuss their upcoming engagement party. Yusef agrees to the meeting, but a furious Masood refuses to have any part in it. However, Zainab decides to meet Yusef regardless of her true feelings.

Elsewhere, Kat returns home from a night out with Martina. Not long afterwards, there's a crash in Kat's bedroom and Kat rushes to see what it is. She then finds Shenice standing wearing her clothes and make-up! Get the Inside Soap magazine on your iPhone or iPad
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