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Peter's life hangs in the balance

Peter's life hangs in the balance
Aired Friday, May 18 2007 at 20:00 BST on BBC One

The car is motionless by a river and incline. Phil tries to phone for help, but is forced to leave the car to try to find a better reception. He tells Billy to get help. They all seem to have escaped with minor bruising, apart from Ian who has a dislocated shoulder. Phil pops it back into joint, but while the pair are arguing, the car starts to roll down the incline toward the water…

Meanwhile, Yolande creeps into her house and sees Libby and Darren playing scrabble. Yolande leaves when she sees they are behaving. Yolande comes back to tell Patrick that Libby and Darren were just playing scrabble. Darren asks Libby if they are together. Libby spells ‘yes’ – the pair kiss.

Elsewhere, Peggy, Stella and Jane try to get Bradley a facial, while Honey asks May about the CVS test. Bradley tells Stacey that he’s glad she’s sticking around. He takes Stacey’s phone out of her bag and sees that Jerry called – Jerry's really sorry, but he can’t get out because of the wife and kids… Get the Inside Soap magazine on your iPhone or iPad
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