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Ronnie and Jack kiss again

Ronnie and Jack kiss again
Aired Tuesday, Jan 8 2008 at 19:30 GMT on BBC One

A hung-over Tanya wakes to find her sister, Rainie still in the house. She presumes she's there because she's run out of money but Tanya's shocked when Rainie hands over an envelope containing the money she gave her last time she was in Walford – she's off the drugs. Rainie's soon taken aback when Tanya reveals when she and Max have split up. Suggesting that she turned up at the right time, Tanya reminds her about what happened when she was last at the house. Rainie, however, assures her – she's clean and wants to be a good sister and aunt.

Max isn't pleased when he walks into the salon and finds Rainie there with baby Oscar. He's even more annoyed when Tanya tells him that she's staying at the house. Later, at Jack's flat, Max makes a phone call to his solicitor…

Meanwhile, Tanya walks into the kitchen and sees Rainie rooting through her bags. Tanya's about to confront Rainie when turns around as she's trying to light a cigarette – Rainie knew what Tanya was thinking…

Following yesterday's revelations, Vinnie's trying to get back into Shirley's good books. Heather's on-hand to help and she locks them in the Launderette together so Vinnie can tell Shirley how he really feels. He informs Shirley that he'll be at the tube station at 7.30. That night, as Vinnie's standing outside the station, Shirley's at home sprucing herself up, relying on a watch Kevin bought her years ago. She's soon kicking herself, though, when she realises what time it actually is…

Elsewhere, Ian organises a family photo; Chelsea goes in search of work; Keith tries to help Darren in his time of grief; Ronnie and Jack host their first hen party but they find themselves short of a male stripper; and Ian makes Steven assistant manager of the café.

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