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Roxy catches Jack and Selina in the act

Roxy catches Jack and Selina in the act
Aired Friday, Jan 25 2008 at 20:00 GMT on BBC One

Ronnie's infuriated with Jack's radio silence – he's nowhere to be found. She lets herself into his flat and sees that the bed hasn't bee slept in. Roxy follows her into Jack's place and asks her if everything's OK. Knowing it's not, the conversation gets heated as Ronnie pushes her sister out of the way. Roxy's hands, however, become entwined in Ronnie's pendant and it snaps, falling to the ground. Roxy tries to apologise but Ronnie just walks out.

Later at the club, Ronnie is surprised to see Jack. She's frustrated when he doesn't let on where he's been. The frosty atmosphere is lifted when they find out why their new client, Ray Walters, wants to hire out the venue... Jack and Ronnie both find it amusing but their laughter is interrupted by Selina's appearance at the club, prompting Ronnie to storm out. Over at The Vic, Roxy's trying to fix her sister's pendant.

Selina and Jack discuss last night and how upset Penny was when her dad wasn't there this morning. It's clear there's still sexual tension between the pair as they move closer and begin to kiss passionately. Roxy turns up at the club in search of Ronnie as she's fixed her pendant. She heads to the office and is stunned by what she sees…

Jase is concerned when he goes to collect Jay from hospital but finds his bed empty and worries that he may have gone after the E20 gang. Yolande drops in to see Dot and to warn her that Jay's due home today.

Dot panics when she sees Jay outside her house and calls Yolande who rushes across the Square to see her. Yolande talks Dot into seeing Jay – he's come to apologise and has brought with him a new budgie. Not wanting to listen, Dot tells Jay it's actions not words that count. But will Jay do the right thing? On seeing a police car outside Jase's flat, Yolande rushes to tell Dot…

Elsewhere, Christian has an interesting website to show Ian; Masood decides he has to fly out to see his father who's been moved to intensive care; and Zainab admits to Tamwar that she's lied to everyone… Get the Inside Soap magazine on your iPhone or iPad
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