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Max tells Tanya he wants her back

Max tells Tanya he wants her back
Aired Friday, Feb 29 2008 at 20:00 GMT on BBC One

Tanya's mind re-lives the chaos from the past couple of weeks as she readies herself for the girls' parent-teacher evening. Max, meanwhile, is hopeful that his marriage could be back on track. Tanya leaves Sean in charge of Abi, Lauren and Oscar as she heads off to the school. Sean turns his hand as parenting for the first time and is oblivious that Tanya's with Max.

At parents' evening, Tanya and Max look on in shock as Abi's teacher tells them that she's pleased they're back together – that's what Abi's been telling everyone. As Max lays his feelings on the line, Sean's back at the house with a burning pizza and the fire alarm going off. In frustration, he grabs for his mobile...

Max and Tanya's situation reaches a crossroads, prompting Tanya to make a colossal decision…

Meanwhile, it's all hands to the pump as the Beales prepare for their first catering event – Edward's 60th at R&R this evening. Ian's optimistic since, if all goes to plan, he'll be meeting the Queen. Ian delivers Clare's dress to Dot's and pleads with Clare not to tell anyone about the 'incident' last night.

Later, Clare forces her way into the party as an extra waitress and Ian has no choice but to let her be there. Jane, however, isn't impressed in the slightest. Clare's intrigued to hear Ian buttering up Edward so decides to tell him Ian's true intentions. When the speeches begin, Edward thanks everyone for turning up and mentions the word 'trust'. Ian can do nothing but look on, knowing full well what Edward is inferring…

Elsewhere, Clare tells Bradley to get a grip and start living his life again; Steven tries to encourage Stacey to use her artistic abilities; Dawn persuades Jay to give evidence in court; Jack tries to patch things up with Bradley; Steven is pleased to hear Edward's sister is a fashion designer; Jean tells Stacey that she thinks Steven's in love with her; Mo and Jean continue to chat to women online pretending to be Charlie; and Stacey's stunned when she flicks through Steven's sketch book… Get the Inside Soap magazine on your iPhone or iPad
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