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Corrie star touched by charity support

Corrie star touched by charity support
Katherine Kelly has revealed that she was almost moved to tears after her Coronation Street character was praised by a crime reduction charity.

The actress, who plays ex-convict Becky Granger on the ITV1 soap, met with chiefs at Nacro - an organisation which aims to tackle social exclusion and reintegrate offenders.

"I was quite nervous about meeting them as I was not sure how they would respond to me in case they thought Becky was a bit of a caricature," Kelly told the Daily Record.

"Because Corrie is on before the watershed, she can't swear and do certain things, so I wondered if they thought she'd be too tame, weak and not a true representation.

"But it was exactly the opposite really, and they told me it was so nice to see a positive character in the media rather than a negative. That's the nicest compliment anyone has given me about Becky. It nearly made me cry. I thought it was really wonderful."

Kelly recently admitted that men assume she is "easy" because of her role on the show. Get the Inside Soap magazine on your iPhone or iPad
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