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Corrie Gary Windass 'in war death plot'

Gary Windass from Coronation Street


Warning: This article contains spoilers that some readers may prefer to avoid. Please click here if you wish to continue.

Coronation Street's Gary Windass will reportedly return home from Afghanistan when his friend Quinny is killed by a Taliban bomb.

Last week, the pair made a pact that if something happened to either of them, the other would reveal what had happened to the victim's family.

According to The People, Gary - played by Mikey North - will be left dreading his meeting with Quinny's parents.

It is claimed that he will be seen telling his mum Anna: "Quinny saved my life. People are saying I was the hero for surviving, but if it hadn't been for Quinny I wouldn't be here. He was the real hero."

An insider told the paper: "This will be harrowing stuff. The realities of war in Afghanistan will be vividly brought home to the viewers.

"We hope our portrayal of the war and its consequences will be realistic and sensitive at the same time."

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