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'Coronation Street' actor: 'Producers were careful with slapping plot'

Ian Puleston-Davies has revealed that Coronation Street bosses were cautious with his character's upcoming slapping plot.

His alter ego Owen Armstrong will strike his girlfriend Anna Windass's (Debbie Rush) adoptive daughter Faye (Ellie-Louise Leach) in an attempt to curtail her troublemaking ways.

It was revealed in November that Owen loses his temper when Faye kills his fish by pouring creosote into his new pond.

While Faye is away, Anna does her best to wind Owen up. He tries not to be bothered until he discovers creosote on her jumper and confronts her about the fish


Faye admits she was responsible for the fish, Owen loses his temper and slaps her on the back of the legs


Puleston-Davies told PA: "I think any controversial subject handled in the right way is good controversy not bad controversy. I know it was talked about within the writing group and with the producers at length, so they were very careful.

"I was very aware that I wanted to go through the script with a fine-tooth comb... From the moment it was suggested, they took it very carefully and very slowly, so it took a long time to reach the script stage, and rightly so. I'm happy with the finished result."

Of the storyline's aftermath, which sees Anna struggle to forgive Owen for his actions, the actor added: "I think Owen's in for a very strong learning curve. I think he's been sheltered emotionally for much of his life.

"I just feel that Owen is almost stunted emotionally, and Anna is helping to make Owen be more aware of his actions because in the past we've seen him turn very quickly from being okay to being angry."

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