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'Coronation Street' Katy Cavanagh expects "chaotic" Julie baby scenes

Julie Carp from Coronation Street


Coronation Street star Katy Cavanagh has predicted that there will be "chaotic" scenes when her eccentric character Julie Carp becomes a mother.

Julie discovers that she is pregnant in an upcoming episode after weeks of trying for a baby with partner Brian Packham (Peter Gunn).

Pondering Julie's possible approach to motherhood, Cavanagh told Inside Soap: "Julie will be ridiculous. She'll take everything people tell her literally. It will drive her sister Eileen absolutely mad.

"Julie will work hard at being a mum, but it'll be quite chaotic. She'll probably end up leaving the child in the supermarket! She'll adore her baby, though - it won't be left wanting in the love department."

As previously reported, Brian is initially left wondering whether the baby is really his - as he had a vasectomy some time ago and failed to tell Julie.

Cavanagh commented: "She and Brian have been talking loads about having a child together, and he's seemed really into the idea. The viewers may have been aware that he's been looking a little bit shifty about the whole thing - but Julie hasn't noticed that anything's wrong."

Coronation Street continues on Thursday at 8.30pm on ITV1.

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Watch a preview of Friday night's Coronation Street double bill in the video below:

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