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'Coronation Street' Sally, Frank drama seen by 9.2m

Coronation Street topped the 9m mark on Friday evening (March 2) as Sally Webster finally saw evil Frank Foster's true colours, overnight figures show.

Coronation Street pulled in 8.67m (38.3%) at 7.30pm and 156k (0.6%) on ITV1+1 as Anne gave Sally some harsh home truths about Frank. The second episode of the double bill, which saw Sally left terrified by Frank, then took 9.19m (37.1%) at 8.30pm and 200k (0.8%) on timeshift.

Anne warns Sally that Frank doesn't really care for her


Sally tells Frank she doesn't care about the contract, when Frank loses his temper and tells Sally that the last woman to cross him lived to regret it. Sally is terrified as she realises Frank is admitting to raping Carla


EastEnders, meanwhile, attracted 8m (33.7%) at 8pm as Michael proposed to Janine. BBC Three's repeat screening secured 719k (3.6%) at 10pm.

Emmerdale interested 7.52m (35.6%) at 7pm as Pollard and Amy received a shock over Val, while 146k (0.6%) caught the episode on +1.

Hollyoaks managed 927k (4.7%) at 6.30pm on Channel 4 as Jacqui lost her temper with Mercedes, while 505k (2.4%) saw E4's first look at 7pm.

Over on Channel 5, Neighbours grabbed 711k (9.6%) at 1.45pm and 1.04m (6.5%) at 5.30pm, while Home and Away mustered 862k (4.7%) at 6pm and 483k (2.5%) for 5*'s first look at 6.30pm.

Elsewhere, the latest episode of Doctors - titled 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' - was seen by 1.64m (22.4%) at 1.45pm.

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