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'Coronation Street' tops Monday with Audrey's heart attack

Coronation Street topped Monday evening's (April 23) soap ratings as Audrey Roberts suffered a heart attack, overnight figures show.

Coronation Street pulled in 8.69m (39.6%) at 7.30pm and 145k (0.6%) on +1 as Audrey's health took a turn for the worse at the salon, while 8.77m (36.2%) watched at 8.30pm and 287k (1.2%) on timeshift as the businesswoman was rushed to hospital.

Lewis panics when Audrey collapses and David quickly dials 999


Audrey is rushed to hospital by the paramedics


EastEnders, meanwhile, attracted 7.87m (34.3%) at 8pm as Shirley's troubles continued. BBC Three's repeat screening secured 621k (3.3%) at 10pm.

Emmerdale interested 6.88m (33.6%) at 7pm as Zak left Lisa worrying about his health, while 150k (0.7%) watched on +1.

Hollyoaks grabbed 1.07m (5.5%) at 6.30pm on Channel 4 as Ste caused problems for Amy and Ally, before E4's first look appealed to 484k (2.3%) at 7pm.

Over on Channel 5, Neighbours managed 761k (10.4%) at 1.45pm and 875k (5.6%) at 5.30pm, while Home and Away mustered 727k (3.9%) at 6pm and 507k (2.6%) for 5*'s first look at 6.30pm.

Elsewhere, the launch of Doctors' Shakespeare week was seen by 1.63m (22.4%) at 1.45pm on BBC One.

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