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POTD: 'Coronation Street's Sean in jealous rant

Sean Tully's paranoia goes into overdrive on Coronation Street this evening (June 29) as he launches into a furious outburst at Marcus Dent's workplace.

When Marcus returns home after a night spent on Maria Connor's sofa, Sean (Antony Cotton) is desperate for answers over where he's been. However, he is left frustrated when his partner insists on heading straight to work, saying they can talk later.

Still convinced that Marcus (Charlie Condou) has cheated on him, Sean marches over to the hospital and publicly blasts both Marcus and Aiden - accusing them of having an affair.

Marcus tries to defend himself, but soon finds himself in hot water with his boss for being unprofessional at work. He soon fights to save his job, but will he want to do the same for his troubled relationship?

A furious Sean follows Marcus to work and demands to talk to him. He then lays into Aiden at the hospital, causing a commotion


Coronation Street airs tonight at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV1.

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