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'Coronation Street' Michelle Keegan "grateful" for surrogacy plot

Coronation Street's Michelle Keegan has said that she feels "grateful" to be at the centre of the soap's surrogacy storyline.

The actress's character Tina McIntyre has agreed to have a baby for Gary Windass and Izzy Armstrong in recent episodes of the show.

Michelle Keegan,
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Manchester, England - 09.07.12
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Tina desperately tries to make Tommy come around to her plan of surrogacy


Speaking to this week's TV Times, the star gushed: "I was a new actress when I joined. It was my first serious job and I am so grateful that they trust me with such important storylines.

"The surrogacy storyline is a big one and I am really excited about it. It's something I can really get my teeth into. I still love it as much as I did when I first started. It is like home here.

"I feel so comfortable and I know it sounds like a cliché, but everyone at Corrie gets on. It is like working with your friends. I am such a lucky person."

Tommy sticks to his guns and does not want Tina to go ahead with the surrogacy. He offers her an ultimatum


Coronation Street, Tommy crashes his van, Mon 3 sep


Tina's boyfriend Tommy (Chris Fountain) nearly left the Street on Monday (September 17) after learning the news.

Hinting that the couple's future together is uncertain, Keegan added: "I think she is a bit frustrated with Tommy. He is the one who got them into debt and she has to bail them out.

"You have to remember that because of what happened to her dad, Tina knows where debt can take someone and she is desperate to wipe the slate clean." Get the Inside Soap magazine on your iPhone or iPad
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