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'Coronation Street' Peter decision watched by 7.9m

Coronation Street topped the Friday night ratings with over eight million viewers.

However, the show's 7.30pm episode rated higher than Peter choosing Simon over Carla in 8.30pm's instalment.

Corrie, will Peter and Carla leave?, Fri 14 Dec 2012


The earlier edition managed 8.2m (38%) and 231,000 on ITV1 +1, while 7.89m (35.2%) watched the later instalment, as well as 343k on timeshift.

EastEnders came a distant runner-up with 6.91m (31.7%) and 382k (2.2%) for BBC Three's 10.30pm repeat. The midnight Omnibus fetched 390k (7.8%).

An Emmerdale christening was celebrated by 6.65m (32.3%) at 7pm (+1: 125k), while Hollyoaks nabbed 955k (4.7%) and 587k (2.9%) for E4's first look.

Neighbours appealed to a mere 573k (7.2%) at 1.45pm and 920k (5.4%) at 5.30pm, after which Home and Away picked up 678k (3.6%) at 6pm and 399k (2%) for 5*'s first look.

Finally, Doctors mustered 1.31m (16.5%).

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