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Maxine's funeral approaches

Aired Sunday, Jan 26 2003 at 19:30 GMT on

Ashley is nervous as he prepares to go to the chapel of rest to see Maxine for one last time. But as he approaches the coffin he’s stunned by how beautiful Audrey has made her look and as he begins to talk to her, remembering the good times, he lets go for the first time and the tears start to flow.

Richard starts to crack as the funeral approaches. Everyone’s talking about it but Richard squirms in discomfort as Gail reveals she’s offered Emily a lift to the church, the irony is unbearable. Then when David starts asking questions about Maxine’s injuries it all becomes too much for Richard and he snaps. Richard’s a man on the edge, will he be able to make it through the funeral?

Still believing Ade’s innocent, despite the evidence, Ken decides to pay his father a visit in the hope he can persuade Bob to go and see his son.

Elsewhere it’s the day after the abortion and Toyah can’t understand why Fiz isn’t offering much sympathy to Maria. Meanwhile feeling increasingly uncomfortable around the girls John’s got a proposition for Toyah.

And Shelley makes up with Sunita before heading off on holiday with Peter, but has he managed to put Lucy out of his mind for good?

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