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Todd and Sarah tell Gail the truth

Aired Sunday, Feb 9 2003 at 19:30 GMT on

Joe’s return to work causes ructions with the girls. With Mike’s agreement that he can make some changes Joe jumps straight into his new role and demotes a shocked Hayley, much to the incredulity of the other girls. Karen’s the only one brave enough to tackle him about Hayley’s demotion but is taken aback when he offers her the supervisor’s job. The factory girls aren’t the only ones bewildered by Underworld’s changes at the top. Already suspicious about the true nature of Karen’s relationship with Joe, how will Steve react to the news that the two will now be working even more closely together?

Sarah’s horrified at the thought of telling Gail she’s sleeping with Todd but with Martin threatening to tell Gail himself, Sarah and Todd are forced to take the plunge and sit down to talk to Gail. How will Gail react to Todd’s news that he’s sleeping with her daughter?

The Nelsons grow more optimistic about life on the street as they begin to bond with their neighbours.

Sunita offers to take Ciaran in when Roy sacks him from the café, unaware that he’s AWOL from the navy while Emily winds up Norris for a while before agreeing to let him move back in – strictly on the understanding that there will be no more allegations against Richard.

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