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It's the day of Gail and Joe's wedding

It's the day of Gail and Joe's wedding
Aired Friday, Jan 8 2010 at 19:30 GMT on

It's the day of Gail and Joe's wedding and the bride's determined to enjoy her big day. Joe, meanwhile, hopes that now he's paid off his debt, his life will start to pick up.

After Ted leads her to the waiting car, a radiant Gail leaves the Street for the wedding. Will the day go to plan or will Rick's plan to gatecrash the reception, and ruin the whole day, come off?

Meanwhile, Tyrone goes to tell Kevin that he's leaving the garage but he misses his chance when Sally arrives. With everything else that's going on in his life, how will Kevin react to the news that he's about to lose his business partner?

Sally, meanwhile, tries to arrange time off with Carla but it proves particularly difficult as Carla's in such a bad mood that she doesn't realise the seriousness of Sally's request.

Elsewhere, Norris and Freda are delighted when a picture of them appears in the paper, having won a competition. However, sitting alone in her camper van, Mary's not impressed with what she sees in the paper before her. Get the Inside Soap magazine on your iPhone or iPad
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