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Roy and Hayley urge Becky to return home

Roy and Hayley try to get Becky back.


Aired Friday, Jun 17 2011 at 20:30 BST on

Steve's gobsmacked as Stella moves boyfriend Karl and 20-something daughter Eva into The Rovers. Steve knows that she's pulled a fast one, but his mind on Becky, he's too weary to argue.

At the same time, Roy and Hayley head to the hotel, where Becky's manic partying is intensifying. The pair urge Becky to come home, but will they be able to get through to her?

Meanwhile, as Marcus reassures Sean that he doesn't have to cope with Dylan alone, father and son begin to bond. But when Marcus suggests that they should all get a flat together, will Sean worry they're moving too fast?

Elsewhere, after being slated for his unromantic proposal, Dev pulls out all the stops as he goes on bended knee, but is it really what Sunita wants?

Also, when Izzy announces that she and Will are heading into town, Gary insists on tagging along.

Writer: Mark Burt
Director: Graeme Harper
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