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Stella is forced to come clean

Stella reveals her shocking secret to Leanne


Aired Friday, Jul 1 2011 at 19:30 BST on

Leanne's delighted at the effort that Peter and Stella have gone to with her surprise party. It's a fantastic night but when Stella becomes emotional, Peter leads her to the back room and tells her to pull herself together before she spoils Leanne's evening.

Listening in, Eva demands to know what is going on. Under pressure, Stella explains to Eva that Leanne is actually her daughter. Will Leanne discover the truth about Stella?

Meanwhile, Fiz is feeling more optimistic as the police investigation into Joy's death hasn't proved anything. But when they turn their attentions to the Croppers and ask questions about Fiz's movements on the night Colin died, will they get what they need?

Elsewhere, Becky tells Steve that she knows she's messed up their marriage and will agree to the divorce, while Owen is desperate to help Anna when the bank refuse to consider her for a mortgage.

Writer: Ellen Taylor
Director: Noreen Kershaw
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