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Frank makes a move on Sally

Sally shows her support for Frank, who subsequently moves in for a kiss


Aired Monday, Jan 2 2012 at 20:30 GMT on

Frank is stunned as Carla gatecrashes the party. Hurt to see all her business associates socialising with Frank, she starts to shout the odds and, feeling uncomfortable, they leave. Carla then reveals how Anne tried to blackmail her into dropping the charges. Frank's furious, but as he threatens to call the police, a devastated Carla goes.

Peter berates Carla for going round to Frank's. Mindful that it could jeopardise her case, he urges her to play this by the book. At the same time, Frank opens up to Sally about his fears of the trial. Sally is supportive, but as Frank thanks her and moves in for a kiss, how will Sally respond?

Meanwhile, as Tina rants at Kirsty and accuses her of setting her up, she sounds irrational and Tyrone sides with Kirsty. They head to the pub, but when Tyrone discovers that Fiz invited them for drinks yet Kirsty failed to mention it, how will he react?

Elsewhere, Sunita tells Stella that her relationship is a mess after Dev lays into her for keeping Amber's games a secret; Paul ends up at the speed dating event after Eileen's prospective suitor accidentally sets off the fire alarm in his haste to escape her; while Rosie and Jason start their photoshoot. Get the Inside Soap magazine on your iPhone or iPad
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