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Peter cannot remember last night

Peter finally returns to the flat, confessing that he was drunk and has no idea where he spent the night. She spots blood on his clothes and, fearing the worst, challenges him about it


Aired Thursday, Mar 8 2012 at 20:30 GMT on

Frank's lifeless body remains in the factory as the police investigate the crime scene. Detectives question Sally, who admits that while she was angry with Frank, there were other people with bigger axes to grind. Michelle breaks the news of Frank's death to Carla, who becomes worried about Peter's absence as he didn't come home last night.

Later, Anne arrives at the scene as Frank's body is being removed and tells the police they should arrest Carla. At the bookies' flat, they grill Carla about her turbulent relationship with Frank. Covering Peter's absence, she admits that she hated Frank but denies killing him.

As the day continues, Carla is alone in the flat when Peter eventually returns. She goes for him before breaking down as Peter confesses that he went on a bender and has no idea where he spent the night. Spotting blood on his clothes, Carla realises this doesn't look good and challenges him about it. Did Peter kill Frank?

Elsewhere, Stella leaves Karl stranded on the roof of The Rovers as a punishment after demanding that he takes the satellite dish down, Audrey orders Gail to leave Lewis alone as he's doing a good job at the Bistro, while Rita is taken aback when Dennis announces that he has a new job in Birmingham. Get the Inside Soap magazine on your iPhone or iPad
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