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Leanne makes plans to leave Weatherfield

8036: As Leanne tries to determine her future, will Nick be a part of it?


Aired Wednesday, Jan 9 2013 at 19:30 GMT on

As Leanne makes plans for her future, she tells Nick what she has decided.

Leanne is desperate not to hurt Nick anymore and intends to leave Weatherfield. However, as Nick opens his heart, will they find an alternative way forward?

Meanwhile, when Lloyd reveals how Kevin has reported Jenna to her boss, Sophie's furious. Is Jenna's career in jeopardy?

Elsewhere, Jason agrees to clear out the gutters at Number 7 for Sunita. However, while he's on the roof, Karl sees an opportunity to play a prank on Jason. Sunita is furious.

Also today, Lewis persuades Gail that he'd like to take things slowly in the physical sense, while Roy is thrilled when Hayley arrives back from Palm Springs.
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