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Norris' big day

Aired Friday, Aug 2 2002 at 19:30 BST on

It’s Norris’ finest hour as weeks of talking about his role in the Commonwealth Games come to life. Having irritated Emily for weeks about his knowledge of the Games, he reminds her to set the video to capture his moment of glory. And when he manages to upgrade his profile and finds out he’s been asked to help present the winners’ medals, he desperately tries to contact Emily to ensure the video is taping. Emily hears his message and sets it to record as a beaming Norris stares right into the camera, ready for action. But the video fails to work and the momentous moment is lost forever. Meanwhile, the ceremony is on in the Rovers but will anyone witness this historic occasion?

Audrey is still angry at finding Nick and Maria together and her harsh words leave Maria seeking assurance that this is more than just a holiday fling. Nick tells her he has never felt this way about anyone else before and that he has fallen in love with her. But with his departure back to Canada fast approaching, the lovebirds have to face up to reality.

Kevin’s arrival prompts Rosie and Sophie to start asking tricky questions. Finding it hard to contain their excitement, they’re left confused when Sally and Kevin start putting the sofa bed together for Kevin to sleep on. It’s left to Sophie to explain to her sister that their mum and dad are just good friends.

Geena continues to make Shelley’s life hell at the Rovers but when she starts to work to rule, Shelley really worries about her motives. Peter tries his best to reassure her but Geena has really worked herself under Shelley’s skin. Get the Inside Soap magazine on your iPhone or iPad
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