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Soapland's joiners, movers and leavers

Last Updated: January 26, 2015

The world of soap is constantly changing, with fresh faces joining the ranks, actors returning to their roots and those quitting their role for pastures new. Here, Soap Scoop presents the Soap Movers Table - your one-stop shop to keep track of your favourite soap's characters.

A character in green is a new character
A character in blue is a returning character
A character in red is a departing character
A character with a '(G)' denotes a guest artiste

SoapCharacterActorUK DateLink
CorrieSteve's therapistPhilip Martin BrownFebruary 6More
CorrieLindaJacqueline LeonardFebruary 9More
CorrieJenny BradleySally Ann MatthewsFebruary 2015More
CorrieSarah PlattTina O'BrienSpring 2015More
CorrieBethany PlattTBCSpring 2015More
CorrieGavin RodwellMark Holgate2015More
CorrieKaty ArmstrongGeorgia May FooteEarly 2015More
CorrieOwen ArmstrongIan Puleston-DaviesSummer 2015More
EastEndersLauren BranningJacqueline JossaEarly 2015More
EastEndersPeggy Mitchell (G)Barbara WindsorFebruary 2015More
EastEndersTanya Cross (G)Jo JoynerFebruary 2015More
EastEndersChristian Clarke (G)John PartridgeFebruary 2015More
EastEndersLucy Beale (G)Hetti BywaterFebruary 2015More
EastEndersJake Stone (G)Jamie LomasFebruary 2015More
EastEndersRainie Cross (G)Tanya FranksFebruary 2015More
EastEndersTBCRichard BlackwoodFebruary 2015More
EastEndersNick CottonJohn AltmanEarly 2015More
EastEndersStan CarterTimothy West2015More
EastEndersPeter BealeBen Hardy2015More
EmmerdaleKatie SugdenSammy WinwardFebruary 2015More
EmmerdaleCarly HopeGemma AtkinsonMarch 2015More
Holby CityOliver ValentineJames AndersonEarly 2015More
Holby CityHenrik HanssenGuy HenryEarly 2015More
HollyoaksHarry ThompsonParry GlasspoolFebruary 10More
HollyoaksFinn O'Connor (G)Keith RiceFebruary 11More
HollyoaksMariamHelen Lederer2015More
HollyoaksZack LovedayTBCTBCMore
Home and AwayKatarinaPia MillerEarly 2015More
Home and AwaySasha BezmelDemi HarmanEarly 2015More
Home and AwayTBCErika HeynatzEarly 2015More
NeighboursTyler BrennanTravis BurnsFebruary 2015More
NeighboursNick Patrides (G)Damien FotiouEarly 2015More
NeighboursMadge Bishop (G)Anne CharlestonMarch 2015More
NeighboursHarold Bishop (G)Ian SmithMarch 2015More
NeighboursNina Tucker (G)Delta GoodremMarch 2015More
NeighboursLucas Fitzgerald (G)Scott MajorMarch 2015More
NeighboursVanessa Villante (G)Alin SumarwataMarch 2015More
NeighboursDes Clarke (G)Paul KeaneMarch 2015More
NeighboursTom Ramsay (G)Gary FilesMarch 2015More
NeighboursGuy Carpenter (G)Andrew WilliamsMarch 2015More
NeighboursHilary Robinson (G)Anne Scott-PendleburyMarch 2015More
NeighboursSky Mangel (G)Stephanie McIntoshMarch 2015More
NeighboursJanelle Timmins (G)Nell FeeneyMarch 2015More

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