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Results of Digital Spy's final 'Who Killed Archie?' poll - who's the favourite? Poll Result: 'Who Killed Archie?' - The Final Vote Results from the latest Ricky and Bianca poll which asked if they're a match made in heaven. Poll Result: Are Ricky and Bianca meant to be? For one final time, who do you think killed Archie Mitchell on Christmas Day? Cast your votes... Poll: Who Killed Archie? - The Final Vote Do you think Ricky and Bianca are a match made in heaven? Or are they settling for second best? Cast your vote! Poll: Are Ricky and Bianca meant to be? Find out your prime suspect in the Who Killed Archie? murder investigation. Poll Result: Who Killed Archie? Prime Suspect Click here to find out who you think shot Calvin Valentine in Hollyoaks' 'flashforward' episode. Poll Result: Who you think shoots Calvin... Click here to cast your vote in Soap Scoop's post-EastEnders episode poll, in which we ask 'Who Killed Archie?' 'Who Killed Archie?': The Suspects Revisited Click here to read the poll results from last week's festive-themed vote. Poll Result: Which Xmas plot are you looking forward to? Having seen the Hollyoaks 'flashforward', click here to cast your vote in our 'Who Shot Calvin?' poll! Poll: Who shot Calvin in 'Oaks 'flashforward'? Click to find out who you think kills Archie Mitchell on Christmas Day in EastEnders. Poll Result: Who you think kills Archie Mitchell... Click here to cast your vote in this week's festive-themed poll, which focuses on this year's Xmas plots. Poll: Which Xmas plot are you most looking forward to? Click here for a list of potential suspects in the 'Who Killed Archie?' murder saga, which kicks off on Christmas Day! 'Who Kills Archie?': The Potential Suspects Click here to see the results of last week's EastEnders-themed poll about Owen's death. Poll Results: Was 'Enders right to kill off Owen? Results of last week's Tony Gordon poll and a new EastEnders poll which asks 'Was EastEnders right to kill off Owen?' Poll: Was 'EastEnders' right to kill off Owen? Click for the results to last week's Sally Spode poll and a fresh vote on Corrie's Tony Gordon. Poll: Would Tony have really handed himself in? Curly Watts poll results and a new poll asking whether you have any sympathy for Emmerdale's Sally Spode. Poll: Do you feel sorry for 'Emmerdale's Sally? Results of the Peggy Mitchell exit poll and a new Corrie-related vote! Poll: Should Curly return for Corrie's 50th? 'Who's The Daddy?' poll results, plus a new poll speculating about Peggy's Walford exit next year. Poll: How will Peggy Mitchell leave 'EastEnders'? Let me know what you think of EastEnders' big baby daddy reveal in our latest poll! Poll: What did you think of 'EE's Daddy reveal? Results of last week's Hollyoaks Later poll - just what did you think of it? Poll Results: How was 'Later' for you? Results from 'Who's The Daddy?' Revisited and a new poll about Hollyoaks Later - how was it for you? Poll: How was 'Hollyoaks Later' for you? Results of last week's EastEnders' 25th anniversary poll and a 'Who's The Daddy?' revisited vote! Poll: 'Who's The Daddy?' Revisited Results of last week's Emmerdale Charity poll and a new EastEnders 25th anniversary poll! Poll: Who should return for 'EastEnders' 25th? Results from last week's Hollyoaks Later poll and a new poll regarding Charity's return to Emmerdale. Poll: Are you excited about Charity's return? Sam Mitchell poll results and a new Hollyoaks Later poll which asks which girl will die when she plunges to her death? Poll: Who'll die in 'Hollyoaks Later'? Results from last week's Hollyoaks poll and a new Sam Mitchell poll for your EastEnders pleasure. Poll: Are you looking forward to Sam Mitchell's return? Results from last week's Sally Oliver Emmerdale poll and a new vote on Hollyoaks' Ste/Abi/Daniel plot. Poll: Was 'Oaks Ste/Abi/Daniel plot an anti-climax? Results from last week's Fiz and John poll along with a new Emmerdale poll about the now-departed Lexi King. Poll: Are you happy Lexi's been written out? Results from last week's Ronnie and Joel poll, plus a new vote about Fiz and John in Corrie. Poll: Are Fiz and John right for each other? Results of my Chrissie poll and a fresh EastEnders vote to have your say in! Poll: Should Ronnie move on with her life? Results from last week's Corrie poll and a fresh poll asking if Chrissie should return in EastEnders. Poll: Should 'EastEnders' bring back Chrissie? Results of last week's The Bill poll plus a new Corrie-related question! Poll: Who's Tony most suited to in Corrie? Results from last week's EastEnders poll and a new vote about the new 9pm episodes of The Bill. Poll: Will you be watching 'The Bill' at 9pm? Results of last week's Molvin poll and a new question about Whitney's mystery man in EastEnders. Poll: Who is Whitney's mystery male follower? The results of last week's Garry and Dawn poll, plus this week's question on Molly and Kevin's affair! Poll: Molvin - 'Priceless' or 'Pass the Bucket'? Who did you vote as Jack Branning's perfect woman? And do you want Dawn and Garry to be happy? Poll: Happy ever after for Dawn and Garry? Results of last week's Corrie poll and another vote for you to have your say in - this week focussing on Jack Branning. Poll: Jack Branning's Women of Walford Results of last week's two polls and a fresh poll for this week, which asks 'Who should Corrie's Tina be with?'. Poll: Who should Corrie's Tina be with? Click for the results of last week's Bradley Branning poll, plus two new votes for you to deliberate! Polls: 'Oaks Stunt Week, 'Enders Syed plot Results from last week's Corrie poll and a new Bradley Branning-based vote: Syd or Stacey? Poll: Who should Bradley be with?