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Charlie Brooker claims that he was "ashamed" to triumph over Britain's Got Talent at the RTS Awards. Charlie Brooker "ashamed" to beat 'BGT' Charlie Brooker criticises Hugh Laurie drama House for being too predictable. Charlie Brooker bemused at 'House' success Charlie Brooker rules out appearing on a reality television show. Brooker: 'I'd be boring on reality TV' We chat to Charlie Brooker about the return of comedy panel show You Have Been Watching. Charlie Brooker ('You Have Been Watching') The latest episode of House pulls in 10.5 million for Fox. 10.5m see Morrison's 'House' return Henry Ian Cusick teases Desmond's future on Lost. Cusick confirms Desmond 'Lost' future Henry Ian Cusick says that the producers of Lost are holding back the final scene from the show's cast. 'Lost' finale contains "missing scene" ABC announces when the season finales of Desperate Housewives and V will air. 'Housewives', 'V' finale dates set by ABC Joel Gretsch reveals what happens when the mysterious John May shows up in V. Joel Gretsch teases John May 'V' arrival Syfy reportedly considers moving a raft of dramas to a new Tuesday night slot. Syfy moves 'Caprica', 'SGU' to Tuesdays? The 2.0 cast of Skins turn up to support those auditioning for the new series. 'Skins' stars support new cast at auditions The BBC has axed Survivors after just two series, reports claim. BBC axes 'Survivors' after two series? Andrea Bowen says that the Housewives cast are "focusing on work" following Nicollette Sheridan's claims. 'Housewives' cast 'unaffected' by Sheridan Henry Ian Cusick teases fans over the two versions of Desmond on Lost. Cusick explains 'Lost' flash-sideways 6.5 million tune in for the latest instalment of The Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. 'Celebrity Apprentice' hits low of 6.5m Torchwood character Ianto Jones will be revived for a comic strip in the show's official magazine. Ianto resurrected in 'Torchwood' comic 1.6 million tune in for the latest episode of FlashForward on Five. 'FlashForward' climbs to 1.6 million BBC memos reveal that early Doctor Who regeneration scenes were based on an LSD trip. 'Who' regeneration 'based on LSD trip' The executive producer of Glee reveals details of an upcoming romance on Glee. 'Glee' romance 'temporarily concludes' The executive producer of Glee refutes reports that John Barrowman will appear on the show. 'Glee' exec denies John Barrowman stint The latest episode of Over The Rainbow draws 4.5 million for BBC One. 4.5m see Bronte Barbe's 'Rainbow' exit The second episode of Doctor Who pulls in 6.4 million for BBC One. 'Who's 'The Beast Below' draws 6.4m 4.9 million tune in for the second episode of Ashes to Ashes on BBC One. 'Ashes to Ashes' dips to 4.9 million After some Glee teasers? Click in for our Q&A with the show's executive producers! Q&A: The executive producers of 'Glee' Morena Baccarin speculates on what may happen as V progresses. Morena Baccarin teases 'V' future Chris Colfer reveals what happens in Glee's upcoming Madonna-themed episode. 'Glee' star teases Madonna episode Chris Colfer says that he hopes gay teens can identify with his Glee character. 'Glee's Colfer hopes gay teens identify Morena Baccarin admits that she hopes viewers will fall under her alter ego's spell on V. Baccarin: 'I hope 'V' fans follow Anna' We chat to Morena Baccarin about the reimagining of 1980s series V. Morena Baccarin ('V') Tube Talk chats to Chris Colfer about the remaining episodes of Glee's first season. Q&A: Chris Colfer talks 'Glee' return 5.5 million tune in for the latest episode of FlashForward on ABC. Latest 'FlashForward' pulls in 5.5m A character on Lost will find love with an unlikely suitor, according to reports. 'Lost' character for shock love twist Click in for the latest True Blood-flavored teaser from the HBO crew. 'True Blood': Get Your Fill Alexander Skarsgård originally auditioned for the role of Bill Compton on True Blood. Skarsgård wanted 'True Blood' Bill role Matt Smith says that working on Doctor Who is "glorious". Matt Smith: 'Doctor Who is a privilege' Charlaine Harris says that she had the gay community in mind when writing her Sookie Stackhouse novels. 'True Blood' author: 'Books about gays' Max Brown praises Jonathan Rhys Meyers for his work on The Tudors. Meyers has "great energy" on 'Tudors' Alex Kingston declares that Doctor Who star Matt Smith is sexy. Alex Kingston: 'Matt Smith is sexy' Mark Pellegrino claims that his Supernatural alter ego is "sincere and honest". 'Supernatural' star: 'Lucifer is sincere' Max Brown admits that he struggles to learn his lines on The Tudors because they are "poetic". Max Brown: 'Tudors lines hard to learn'