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Rob's wedding day drama comes to a head in tonight's episodes. POTD: Corrie's Rob demands answers The former EastEnders actor will arrive on screen in late November. Hollyoaks casts Jody Latham as bad boy The huge storyline will hit screens in early 2015. Corrie plans shock mini-bus crash stunt Producers want to follow Jeff's death with more unpublicised shocks. Casualty plans more on-screen surprises Sonya's unknown enemy will make a shocking move against her. Neighbours: Sonya faces shock accusation Shocks for Tracy, Todd and Leanne are featured in an extended promo video. Corrie unveils dramatic new trailer The character is expected to return briefly for a storyline next year. EastEnders lines up Charlie Slater return Coronation Street topped the midweek soap ratings on Wednesday evening. Corrie wedding drama begins with 7.5m The trio of familiar faces will reappear on screen in the spring. Holby City reveals three returnees Watch a first look preview of next week's Waterloo Road episode. Waterloo Road: Gabriella bullied by pupils Lives are on the line in the penultimate edition of the spinoff series. Neighbours vs. Zombies: Watch episode 4 Dot tries to pay some final respects to her son Nick in tonight's episode. EastEnders: Dot faces an emotional day Can Charity scare off Maxine for good? POTD: Emmerdale Dingle revenge continues Nick Miles hopes that his on-screen marriage has a strong future. Emmerdale star feared Kings break-up Vanessa Hehir explains why Sue betrays her husband Simon. Waterloo Road star explains shock Sue plot EastEnders was on top in Tuesday night's soap ratings. EastEnders Nick drama seen by 6.9m Susan and Karl Kennedy receive a shock in the latest part of the mini-series. Neighbours vs. Zombies: Watch episode 3 Esther learns that Kim Butterfield has feelings for her next week. Hollyoaks pictures: Esther's new romance Can the Dingle family get back to normal next week? Emmerdale pictures: Belle returns home Zöe Lucker chats to us about her final episode of Waterloo Road. Waterloo Road star teases Carol's exit Cain tries his best to defend Moira and Adam in tonight's episode. POTD: Emmerdale's Cain threatens Maxine Jack P Shepherd films new scenes for the Kylie storyline out on location. Corrie pics: Kylie's secret under threat? Louise Delamere chats about her final Holby City episode. Holby star: 'Colette's departure is sad' New recruit Twinnie Lee Moore speaks about her character for the first time. Hollyoaks Porsche 'not like Mercedes' Sue Cleaver reveals how Todd's upcoming attack will affect the Grimshaws. Corrie star: 'Eileen will be horrified' Kate Ford reveals that there are emotional scenes ahead for Tracy Barlow. Corrie star promises 'vulnerable' Tracy Coronation Street topped the Monday night soap ratings. Corrie: Rob, Carla showdown secures 8.1m The supernatural-themed online spinoff series releases another episode. Neighbours vs. Zombies: Watch episode 2 Anna pledges her support after hearing about Tim's reading difficulties. Corrie: Tim shares his secret with Anna Porsche is unveiled as Lockie's fiancée next week. Hollyoaks: Porsche arrives with a shock Charlotte Bellamy explains why life gets much worse for Laurel Dingle. Emmerdale star: 'Laurel will be mortified' Our latest video rounding up what's ahead on the big four soaps. Soaps next week - all the gossip Nicola Wheeler explains why her character makes some drastic decisions. Emmerdale: Another baby for Nicola? Nick gives his son a huge ultimatum in tonight's episode. POTD: EastEnders clash for Nick, Charlie Watch a video preview of next Monday's Neighbours episode. Neighbours video: Chris gets bad news Watch a video preview of Friday's Emmerdale episode. Emmerdale video: Trouble for Marlon Watch a video preview of Tuesday's Emmerdale episode. Emmerdale video: Is Adam still in danger? Watch a video preview of Wednesday's Coronation Street episode. Corrie video: See Tracy's wedding day joy A video preview showcases a tense scene from Monday's episodes. Corrie video: Watch Rob confess to Carla Roy's recent problems with teenage bullies appear to be far from over. Corrie: Roy's bully returns at Christmas