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The popular cast member will bow out on screen in January. Hollyoaks: Danny Mac discusses show exit Sean Ward reveals future plans for his bad boy character. Corrie newbie: 'Callum shows soft side' Tension between the two enemies comes to a head next week. Corrie releases Tracy, Carla fight trailer EastEnders was ahead in Tuesday's soap ratings. EastEnders Denise shock shared with 6.5m Josef Brown is currently filming big storylines which will air next year. Neighbours star: 'Gritty stories ahead' Neighbours actress Rebekah Elmaloglou chats to Digital Spy. Neighbours star reveals Terese's future Belle refuses to give anything away about her worrying state tonight. POTD: Emmerdale's Dingles left in turmoil Carla bails Tracy out of financial trouble next week. Corrie: Tracy shocked by Carla gesture New developments for the Platts, Tracy and Carla revealed in ITV promo. Corrie trailer reveals December drama Katherine Dow Blyton explains why her character is about to risk her job. Emmerdale star teases Harriet's big week A new promo video sees the pair grow closer in next week's episodes. Emmerdale: Watch Aaron and Robert kiss Coronation Street was ahead in Monday's soap ratings. Corrie Steve story continues with 7.9m The singer-songwriter will appear in three episodes next year. Neighbours: Delta Goodrem returns to show Antony Cotton reveals that the acclaimed actor wants to go back on the cobbles. Corrie: Sir Ian McKellen 'wants return' Antony Cotton speaks about Corrie's upcoming stunt scenes. Corrie star teases mini-bus crash horror Our latest video roundup revealing what's ahead on the big four soaps. Soaps next week - all the gossip Danny Dyer and his on-screen family pose in a festive photo. EastEnders: First Christmas pics released Antony Cotton explains how Sean meets his new boyfriend Billy. Corrie star teases Sean's new romance Ben Hardy reveals the gossip on a big week for the Beale family. EastEnders star: 'New secrets come out' Cain threatens Rakesh after getting dirt on the lawyer's son Kirin. Emmerdale: Cain to blackmail Rakesh Denise finds Lucy's missing wallet and phone in tonight's episode. POTD: EastEnders' Denise gets a shock Stephanie Davis speaks to us about Sinead and Tony's affair being revealed. Hollyoaks star promises wedding drama Christmas trees, fake snow and decorations now adorn the show's former home. Corrie tour gets Christmas makeover Nick will pay a visit to Ramsay Street to catch up with his family next year. Neighbours casts Terese's brother Nick Tamara Wall chats to us about her dramatic Hollyoaks storyline. Hollyoaks star: 'Grace wants revenge' Steve seeks help from a doctor in tonight's Coronation Street episodes. POTD: Corrie's Steve suffers panic attack Peri will discover that she is pregnant in a few weeks' time. Hollyoaks baby plot for Peri and Tom We present the latest storylines and pictures from the UK soaps. Enders proposal, Corrie fight, Oaks trial Watch a video preview of Thursday's Emmerdale double bill. Emmerdale preview: Charity's secret out Watch a video preview of Wednesday's Emmerdale episode. Emmerdale preview: Lachlan suspicion Hollyoaks was the most-watched multichannel show on Friday. Hollyoaks: Mercy mystery boosts E4 to 1m Watch a video preview of Monday's Emmerdale episode. Emmerdale preview: Laurel in despair Watch a video preview of Friday's Coronation Street double bill. Corrie preview: Carla loses it with Tracy Watch a video preview of Wednesday's Coronation Street episode. Corrie preview: Dev lies about Julie Watch a video preview of Monday's Coronation Street double bill. Corrie preview: Gavin quizzes Michael We catch up with the actor to hear about his successful year and what's to come. Emmett J Scanlan reveals all on new roles The Walford drama topped the soap ratings on Thursday evening. EastEnders Dean cliffhanger seen by 6.5m Watch a video preview of Friday's Emmerdale episode. Emmerdale preview: Belle caught out Watch a video preview of Friday's Coronation Street double bill. Corrie preview: Michael's son reunion Linda has to be honest with her partner Mick in tonight's episode. EastEnders: Linda to reveal pregnancy