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Charlotte Church turns down Gavin Henson's roundabout marriage proposal. Charlotte turns down Gav's proposal R&B artist Christina Milan is dropped by her record label Island Def Jam. Christina Milan dropped by record label Nicole Richie's father, Lionel Richie, believes his daughter and Paris Hilton will make up.` Nicole and Paris to kiss and make up? President Sam Nujoma of Namibia presents Angelina Jolie with a thank you letter for her stay. Namibian thank you letter for Jolie Paris Hilton reveals that she is loving the single lifestyle for the first time in her life. Hilton: 'I just want to be alone' Footballer David Beckham hits back at German papers that have criticised his family. Beckham furious over family slams Sandra Bullock says that she loves the thought of having sex with her husband only. Bullock talks about sex and marriage A sex scene which was cut from the Sundance premiere of Thank You For Smoking will be shown. Katie Holmes sex scene will be shown Mel Gibson sells his mansion, apparently because of the disturbance from Britney Spears next door. Gibson sells mansion due to Britney Anne Hathaway says that she only gets the roles that other actresses have turned down. Anne says she is on the long short list Michael Jackson could lose two of his children in a court battle as he is allegedly not their father. Jackson could lose two of his children Mike Skinner denies that his hit song Fit But You Know It was based on Rachel Stevens. Skinner denies Rachel Stevens dedication Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie leave Namibia with their family after a two-month stay. Brad and Angelina leave Namibia Actor Owen Wilson reveals that he and Matt Dillon formed crushes on co-star Kate Hudson. Owen Wilson reveals crush on co-star Jennifer Lopez denies pregnancy rumours, saying that she has been trying for months with no success. Jennifer Lopez denies pregnancy rumours Lindsay Lohan denies rumours that she has had a fling with Bruce Willis. Lindsay Lohan denies Bruce Willis rumour Britney Spears' new male nanny turns out to be a new bodyguard the pop singer has hired. Britney's male nanny just a bodyguard Violence breaks out at the Download festival this weekend, causing police to detain around 12 people. Download festival ends in violence A panel has been formed to work with Andrew Lloyd Webber on How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? New expert panel formed for 'Maria' A veteran of the war in Iraq is suing Michael Moore for his use of footage in Fahrenheit 9/11. Iraq veteran sues Michael Moore Danny Dyer hints that he may have had a gay fling or two in his past in interview with Attitude. Danny Dyer hints at possible gay past Actor Vince Vaughn fills in for US morning TV host Regis Philbin on his morning TV show. Vince Vaughn hosts morning TV show Dixie Chick Natalie Maines is upset by a mother teaching hatred to her two-year-old son. Dixie Chick upset by fanatical mum Gwyneth Paltrow breaks husband Chris Martin's computer - almost destroying new Coldplay songs. Paltrow trashes Martin's computer Hugh Hefner wants Angelina Jolie to pose for a Playboy as soon as she's recovered. Hefner wants Jolie for 'Playboy' spread Britney Spears sends Kevin Federline a clear message in the form of a photo of her middle finger. Britney gives Kevin the middle finger Katie Holmes takes dieting tips from Victoria Beckham to get back into shape after giving birth. Katie takes dieting tips from Victoria Paris Hilton apparently has a girl crush on her new best friend, Kimberly Stewart. Paris gets a crush on her best friend Darren Day will become a father for the second time with his girlfriend Stephanie Dooley. Darren Day to become a dad again Jared Leto claims that he is gay in an interview with an America Online reporter. Jared Leto claims that he is gay Rihanna makes the Australian number one again with her hit single 'SOS'. Rihanna makes Aussie number one again Director Wong Kar-Wai insists that Nora Jones is perfect for his film despite the lack of experience. Nora Jones has a 'perfect acting aura' Boy George remarks that gay people should snub the conventions of marriage. Boy George doubts Elton's marriage Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie donate £170,000 to Namibian children's charities in thanks. Brad and Angelina donate £170,000 Jon  Bon Jovi is glad to have steered clear of drugs unlike other stars like Pete Doherty. Bon Jovi glad to steer clear of drugs Helena Bonham Carter and her husband are fighting to stop a pub from extending its opening hours. Helena Bonham Carter in pub fight Guns 'n' Roses announce their first full UK tour since 1993. Guns 'n' Roses announce UK tour Nick O'Malley, the Arctic Monkeys' new bassist, breaks his hand just days after joining the band. Monkeys' new bassist breaks his hand Radiohead deny playing a request for Conservative leader David Cameron at a gig this month. Radiohead deny playing song for Cameron Ice Cube joins hip hop stars such as Ludacris and 50 Cent in their criticism of Oprah Winfrey. Ice Cube joins hip-hop attack on Oprah