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Miniseries and awards galore in the comics news from the past seven days. The week in comics: Uncanny X-Men #600 dated You can do your bit in the fine tradition of lampooning politics through comics. OFF LIFE gets political for Yellow Kickstarter But fans should probably brace themselves for some big changes to the team. Avengers: Infinity War won't end the MCU Kevin Feige is happy as pie about the new Marvel-Sony partnership. Spider-Man "belongs" in the Marvel Universe But will Chris Evans survive the experience? Civil War concludes a Captain America trilogy Whether 18 or 80, the 'Iron Butterfly' has always been a tough old cookie. 13 quotes to prove Julie Andrews is badass Move aside Peter Parker, there's a new webslinger in town. Emma Stone is Spider-Gwen in mock trailer Why the devil looks like David Bowie and John Constantine is watching every breath you take. 12 comic book characters based on real people A look at Wonder Woman: Earth One, a new series from the Death Note team and all the top comics news of the last seven days. The week in comics: Women rule at Ignatz Expect more of Gambit speaking in the third person in new ongoing comic. The '90s X-Men cartoon comes back to Marvel A US court KAPOWs a mechanic who built and sold replicas of Batman's car. Judges back DC Comics in Batmobile battle Spider-Man's answer to Suicide Squad could still happen. Drew Goddard's Spider-Man spinoff isn't dead 20 years on from that swimming pool splash-about, we check in on the artist formerly known as Nomi Malone. What happened to Showgirls' Elizabeth Berkley? The hiring of acclaimed author Ta-Nehisi Coates is a welcome step towards representation. Black Panther gets African American writer Actor is as in the dark as us on if/when Thor's dastardly brother will be back. Tom Hiddleston unsure about Loki return Yetis and werewolves and giant praying mantises, oh my! Jack Black vs all the monsters in Goosebumps clips Check out the week's comic events, from Jessica Martin's drawing class to Gene Ha's signing. Don't Miss: The first Northampton ComicCon Zack Snyder reveals that there probably isn't a separate Superman film in the works. Batman v Superman is Man of Steel 2 The world record is officially broken. Rather him than us. Simpsons tattoo man wins Guinness record Joss Whedon just can't leave Angel and Buffy on the shelf. Age of Ultron had a Buffyverse Easter egg We'd cry nepotism if we didn't love the Veronica Mars star quite so much. Kristen Bell joins her husband's CHiPs movie Check out what the singer has been hiding under her signature ponytail. Ariana Grande shows off her real curly hair Check this week's comics-related events from across the UK. Don't Miss: Comics come to Bedford and Derry Terminator Genisys isn't the first oddity to conquer the Chinese box office. 7 awful films that were huge in China Check out this week's comic book events from across the UK. Don't Miss: Sex, horror and Blackpool Comic Con On its 20th anniversary, delve into the CSI cameo-studded careers of the cast of Xena. What happened to the cast of Xena? We investigate the mysterious connections and real-world inspirations of Ryan Murphy's horror hit. The mythology of American Horror Story The Marvel legend opens up about how much he makes off his famous creations (hint: it's nothing). Stan Lee teases X-Men: Apocalypse cameo Who's Team Stark and who's Team Rogers? Captain America: Civil War dissected. Cap vs Iron Man: Marvel Civil War explained From a new Guardians of the Galaxy series to the Lakes' Canadian invasion. The week in comics: Hugos & Naked Tintins Remembering when the Mighty Ducks were aliens and Real Ghostbusters walked the Earth. 14 cartoon movie spinoffs you forgot existed Does Jon Snow have a twin sister? Almost certainly not. We love this absurd Game of Thrones fan theory Alison Bechdel can't take full credit for the famous, bare-minimum standard of representation. Don't call it the Bechdel Test, says Bechdel Lovely as Aphrodite. Wise as Athena. Banned from lunchrooms. Wonder Woman lunchbox too violent for school Pratchett was working on a series of other Discworld stories when he died. Terry Pratchett's final book is out today The event that would never end passes beyond Marvel's latest soft relaunch. Marvel extends Secret Wars to 9 issues He should really learn to check his schedule more closely to avoid those Broadway clashes... Bruce Willis exits Woody Allen's film The show's former runner-up is coming back as head judge on Lifetime's new series. Abbey Clancy returns to Next Top Model From new characters to old, plus deaths, missing threads and rumours - and what on earth is going on with Jon Snow? Game of Thrones season 6: All we know Batman won't use guns, but explosives are apparently fair game. Batman's no killing rule is definitely optional