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From a new Guardians of the Galaxy series to the Lakes' Canadian invasion. The week in comics: Hugos & Naked Tintins Remembering when the Mighty Ducks were aliens and Real Ghostbusters walked the Earth. 14 cartoon movie spinoffs you forgot existed Does Jon Snow have a twin sister? Almost certainly not. We love this absurd Game of Thrones fan theory Alison Bechdel can't take full credit for the famous, bare-minimum standard of representation. Don't call it the Bechdel Test, says Bechdel Lovely as Aphrodite. Wise as Athena. Banned from lunchrooms. Wonder Woman lunchbox too violent for school Pratchett was working on a series of other Discworld stories when he died. Terry Pratchett's final book is out today The event that would never end passes beyond Marvel's latest soft relaunch. Marvel extends Secret Wars to 9 issues He should really learn to check his schedule more closely to avoid those Broadway clashes... Bruce Willis exits Woody Allen's film The show's former runner-up is coming back as head judge on Lifetime's new series. Abbey Clancy returns to Next Top Model From new characters to old, plus deaths, missing threads and rumours - and what on earth is going on with Jon Snow? Game of Thrones season 6: All we know Batman won't use guns, but explosives are apparently fair game. Batman's no killing rule is definitely optional Check out this week's comic signings and conventions in the UK and Ireland. Don't Miss: Melksham & Bournemouth Cons Artist William Stout gives us a glimpse inside the show that will never be. Check out this Jurassic Park animation art Nobody puts Baby in a corner. So where did actress Jennifer Grey go? What happened to Dirty Dancing's star? From comics degrees in Teesside to the Ignatz noms, here are the highlights of this week's comics news. The week in comics: Cat Thor and Hip Hop The Scandalous Lady W and Lady Chatterley's Lover have everyone in a lather. But these shows did it first. 9 bodice ripping period dramas The X-Men actor will take on a cyclops of a different kind as the mythical Odysseus. Hugh Jackman playing a 3000-year-old superhero Is the X-Men Origins: Wolverine star hinting at the return of Logan's arch-enemy? Is Liev Schreiber back for Wolverine 3? Check out this week's comics events from across the UK. Don't Miss: Edinburgh Book Festival, Demoncon X Netflix and Marvel needs to pay attention to these inspired Tumblr posters. This is the Hawkeye show we need to see "I have the street smarts and survival skills of, like, a poodle." 25 awesome Jennifer Lawrence quotes Batman: Europa is coming after 11 years and Deadpool and Cable reunite The week in comics: Devil Dinosaur gonna get ya All men must die and all fantasy series must conclude. Eventually. Maybe. 7 Game of Thrones endings that need to happen At least Lexi Alexander knows which Ms Marvel she's talking about. Punisher director wants to make Ms Marvel The Pixels creators aren't the first people to defend a spurious copyright. Not by a long shot. 14 weird and questionable trademarks Bane comes back to comics to bring the hit noir series to the small screen. Tom Hardy signs on for 100 Bullets show Kate Mara's horrific blonde wig hides a multitude of reshoot sins. 6 reasons why Fantastic Four flopped hard The London-based publisher reveals what coming up from September to November. SelfMadeHero unveils its autumn lineup Check out all the comics events across the UK this week. Don't miss: Megacon Carlisle, Sheffield Con District X, Generation X and more left-field pitches for Fox's potential series. X-Men: 8 ways a TV series could go We remember the alternate world where Bill Murray was Batman and Tom Cruise played Tony Stark. The superhero stars that never were New actors or a giant retinue of Faceless Men? Only you can decide. The mid-show recastings of Game of Thrones Aniston's post-Friends successes have been hard-won, but they're still out there. 6 Aniston movies that are actually good Strontium Dog gets a fan film and DC lays the smackdown on a New Zealand garage. The week in comics: New Spider-Man characters banned? Here's our rundown on the X-Men spinoff we never expected to see. Everything we know so far about Deadpool Despite previous hints, Marvel's take on the hero of myth is 110% heterosexual. Marvel: Hercules definitely isn't bisexual Has anybody heard from Robert Downey Jr recently? We celebrate Weird Science on its 30th birthday. What happened to the cast of Weird Science? Co-publisher Dan DiDio says that relaunches and restarts are a thing of the past. DC says it's swearing off reboots Titan celebrates the awesome artwork of Adventure Time with a new title card book. Get a first look at the new Adventure Time book Battling Boy finds its director and Brian Bendis teases more Iron Man. The week in comics: Stephen Amell hates goatees